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Enjoy the attractions of Spain....

Spain's tourism is one of the sources of national income to Spain's nature ,which give her great fame and wide reputation, the attractions in Spain also considered the backbone of tourism, if you're interested ,we collected you here the best.

-Plaça de Catalunya
From the most famous and important squares in Barcelona and one of the most beautiful squares in the city centre ,there are several cafes, hotels, shopping malls, lots of shops and upscale places.
There are many statues that adorn the walls of the Square with attractive designs . Plaça Catalunya is also home of many theaters and famous brands known by many, is considered one of Spain's tourist landmarks most famous.

-Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
Of the most beautiful museums in Barcelona ,and one of the largest fascinating museums of arts ,is a very famous museum has a distinctive collection of paintings and works of sculpture for Roman art and modern art and many attractive paintings and graphics Rom…