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Montaña Mágica Lodge

South American continent enjoying the stunning nature, where meets in its states all nature elements of rivers ,lakes, beaches, forests and mountains, so thought the businessman Victor Petermann in building an unique hotel into one of the continent's forest, so he headed to the province of Valdivia, southern Chile ,situated on the Chilean-Argentine border , specifically in the area named Huilo Huilo and bought it in full in 1990, and became one of the nature reserves by UNESCO's recognition  from 1999.
Huilo Huilo is a rich natural reserve area in the world , take the form of a triangle, begins from south of the Colorado River in Argentina ,even the Valdivia River in Chile ,can move between the two countries through the joint Lakes between them.
Tourism activity in Huilo Huilo depends on the nature of the mountains, forests ,rivers and snow, where is visited by millions of tourists each year to practice their hobbies, making it a popular destination in Latin America, and now …