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Walk near the sky in China

Is it hard for you to walk on glass? Is it more difficulty if the trip on the glass bridge encircles the edge of towering mountain near-vertical ? For many seem a scary adventure ,especially who afraid of heights ,but it looks from far away an unique experience.
This unique experience offered by new glass bridge around Tianmen Mountain in China at an altitude 1430 m, which opened in 2011 , and gives visitors adventurers of course an exceptional experience , its floors and fence made of transparent glass with a thickness of 6.4 cm gives you an amazing view of the deep Valley and surrounding mountains.

Glass bridge Extends a distance of 61 metres around Mount Tianmen and breadth of 9. Meter, the distance seems short  but the scene from the top is amazing for the Valley and the surrounding mountains ,the visitor should attention so as not to suffers from Vertigo. Because the scary bridge for some and not easy to clean it up, officials asked tourists to wear cover over their shoes to kee…

Dubai from another perspective

Dubai has the best tourist activities in the world with about 10 areas at least . The tourist  to forget the seven-stars hotels and the highest Tower in the world and oddly shaped buildings and unique designs of its kind in the world ,this is the famous in Dubai recently .The city, which was a small village since a few decades is now contains the best tourist activities in the world . The city retains its old virtues along with modern features, so the tourist finds himself busy 24-hour ,has no enough time to experience all the charm of Dubai. 1. City of rich and poor Dubai open for both rich and poor, both of them can enjoy it . Who comes to Dubai on the economy class can enjoy a fully enjoy as also who comes in his yacht,  This is reflected on the city's residents themselves ,who include a category of citizens and some of the wealthy, as well as expatriate workers ,they are either of the medium class or from Southeast Asian countries and  the majority of the poor. But those popu…

Before traveling to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the coolest and most beautiful South-East Asian countries, therefore, it has a prominent place in the hearts of the world tourists who visited or heard about , it is in the forefront of the favorite destinations for travelers in the region, no wonder it is a city with different cultures materialize  in one meaning "Hello everyone" , if you are planning to travel to Malaysia, here are 9 things you should know before leaving.
1. Food
Often mentioned food in Malaysia as one of the main distinguishing features of this country, whether you will take up your food from the stalls of street vendors on the side of the road or in fancy restaurants. The capital "Penang"  is one of the best places to tasting Malaysian food and popular dishes from all over the world such as India, China and Thailand.
2. Weather
Malaysia has a tropical climate characterized by high humidity and high temperatures throughout the year. The average daytime temperatures of 32 ° c …

Quick tours around the world

1-)Capilano Suspension Bridge :
The Bridge of death or "Capilano Bridge"  in Canada height of 70 meters. The trip to the Rainforest on the doors of Vancouver worth the risk, but to reach it you have to cross the suspension bridge with a length of 135 meters. Is chilling because it vibrates strongly, especially when a large number of pedestrians crossing it at once.
Suspension bridge spans 450 feet and 230 feet above the Capilano river in North  Vancouver. But don't worry, even though it sways and creaks , but very very strong. Strong enough to support the weight of ten of military fighter aircraft. Strong enough to handle with about 850000 visitors every year. Powerful enough to handle even a full semester of kindergarten students are walking all over the bridge, you will cross the Capilano river and walk to the other side ,which features a full live forest .
The establishment of suspension bridge was in 1888. created by George Mackay who was insisting on constructive a…

All about Morocco ....

We'll start with you world tour and travel around various country , Arabic and European to know the features of the country that you visit, to be the beginning in the Kingdom of Morocco.

A State in the far western North Africa , Rabat is the capital , the largest city is Casablanca the economic capital,  the most important cities: Fez, Marrakech, Mekn√®s, Tangier, Agadir. Morocco Overlooking on the Mediterranean Sea to the North and the Atlantic Ocean to the West ,flanking the Strait of Gibraltar , bordered by Algeria to the East and South of Mauritania. Morocco is the only African country that is not a member of the African Union , left after accepting the Republic Arabic desert democracy as a member , but have a special place in the Union, take advantage of the services offered by the Union countries  , such as the African Development Bank Group.
The origin label of Morocco back to ancient Arabs , where the name means "place of sunset" , as they thought at that time th…

Cultural sights of Egypt : Part 2

1-Valley of the Queens -Luxor :

Valley of the Queens is located on the west bank of Luxor, near the Valley of the Kings, is a place where the wives of pharaohs were buried in ancient times as well as princes and princesses of nobility .
The tomb of Nefertari, the wife and sweetheart of King Ramses II, is one of the most famous monuments, and her cemetery is the most beautiful cemetery in Egypt. All the walls are decorated with carvings representing Nefertari receive guidance and direction from god.

At a distance of one km nearly  from the road to the Valley of the Queens located  Deir al-Medina .The  label "Deir al-Medina" back to the temple of Ptolemy which dedicated to the cult of god Hathor, later become  the residence of monks early Christians. Beside the temple lies the village of workers, is an ancient town of workers and artists , who established the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens tombs living and burying in it .Some of the workers tombs of the beautifu…

Discover cultural sights of Egypt : Part I

Egypt offers you a rich cultural experience  extends for thousands of years of history and practice of ancient traditions. Walk in the corridors of the ancients, explore ancient Egyptian temples, tombs and other tourist attractions. Lose your sense of time, visit the museums that display thousands of ancient artifacts like coins, ceramic art, busts of ancient emperors, coffins, mosaics and mummies. Will fascinates by the ancient Egyptian mythology during the sound and light show at the Temple of Philae and Abu Simbel . Enjoy a walk through old bazaars for shopping and purchase in a traditional atmosphere , drink tea in ancient Egypt cafes  and see history of Egypt passes before your eyes. It's  an unique experience.
The most prominent landmarks :
1-The Sphinx of Giza :
The Sphinx: the mystery of the ancient Egyptian mythology. The largest sculpture  antique known on the face of the Earth. When was it built? Why was built? Any Pharaoh represents? Who broke his nose? No one can ans…

Top ten beaches in the world

1-Whitehaven beach - Australia :
 This beach is located on the Isle of Wight Sunday , This beach uses the boats only and there are not any constructors for humans. Is a beach of the purest sand beaches around the world, It consists of 98% pure silica ,Do not trying  to think
 to take some of this sand beach where your punishment can be up to $ 50,000 would pay at best.

2-Punalu'u beach-Hawaii :
Beach of black sand ,which was formed as a result of the convergence of the hot lava with cold ocean water and then fragmented and formed the black sandy beach.

3- Nungwi beach-Zanzibar:
 When you walk on the sands of this beach you find it slides out from under your feet smoothly , So that you feel in a quite relaxed such as live in a place of your own , Not part of this world.

4- Trunk Bay -Virgin Island :
You need at times to some places where relaxation and tranquility ,
 The Gulf is one of this places where calm , serenity and beauty, Is located on the island of Virgin in America, a l…

Places must visit before disappearing

1. the Maldives, known officially as the Republic of Maldives. Located in the Indian Ocean and consists of a double series of 26 atolls , because of global warming and melting ice the environmentalists had estimated the rise in sea level by one cm per year. This may not seem like much, but if you know that  the Maldives rise only 2.4 meters from the ground! Surely you should be worried .

2. city of Olympia .

 Greece is a home to the first Olympic Games in history. It is now threatened with extinction due to increased forest fires resulting from soaring summer temperatures.

3. the Valley of the Kings - Egypt.

In the Grand Canyon on the West Bank of the Nile there are many royal tombs which are eroding their walls by fungi, moisture, poor ventilation and the breath of tourists whose estimated in the thousands annually. Archeologists believe that these relics are disappearing within 150 years.


 A gathering of 118 Islands separated by canals and connected by bridges. Veni…

Trip to Wadi Rum : similar to the moon on earth

There are many Arabic tourist areas oppressed  in the world , while the focus is on many of the famous sights  find other places ingenious beauty but did not get the attentions like the other sights , oppressed tourist areas such as Wadi Rum in Jordan.
Wadi Rum is located in the region of Hasmy southern Jordan, 70 kilometers north of the port city of Aqaba,  Wadi Rum is the name commonly used in the media for all the region , Although most of sites and tourist camps are located outside  Rum village , is also called "Moon Valley" due to the similarity of landforms with the topography of the moon.
Wadi Rum has a high mountains and the highest mountain peaks in the southern Levant  such as : mount "umm al dami "and mount " rum " , is one of the most attractive areas of Jordan for tourists from all over the world due to its unique natural features, there are also some inscriptions in thamudic and old Islamic. Abound in Wadi Rum  tourist camps that replace th…

Taj Mahal legend of beauty and love

Is the most beautiful Artifact in the legacy of the Mongols . No description of the  picturesque beauty  architectural especially at the time of sunrise and sunset. The shrine seems like a glowing in the moonlight and in the misty morning . if was seen in terms of the of the Yamuna river , will looks like a pending.

Taj Mahal is a marvel of the seven wonders of the world for reasons  more of  its majestic form. But the history of the Taj Mahal which adds spirit to this  greatness. Spirit full of love and loss. It is an example of a man who loved his wife so severely ,until after she become a memory she's not fade away.

This guy is  the Shah Jahan (Persian King) or as it was called before becoming Emperor of India "shahabuddin perforate", who was born the year 1000 AH (1592 AD), the third son of Emperor Jahangir  the fourth  Emperor of India and  his grandfather Emperor Akbar. In 1612, Shah Jahan married "legel Pano bbghom" who occurred in her love.

. Although …

Discover the magic of Niagara falls

The waterfalls are located 27 kilometres to the Northwest of Buffalo- New York, 120 kilometres south-east of Toronto- Ontario, specifically between the twin cities  Niagara Niagara Canada -US .
The waterfalls consist of two major sections separated by island Gott. And sections: US and Canadian side.  is located  in The US side  also  a smaller waterfall called braidal Phil , means: bridal gown  , and  Separates it from the waterfalls Luna Island.
Geologists say that the falls were formed at the end of the last ice age  before some 12,000  year, when water gushed into a formidable force sweeping land to made up a great lakes and Niagara River (35 miles 56 kilometers) on its way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Niagara Falls are a distinctive Tourist site  worldwide,  and a favorite spot for honeymooners for hundreds of thousands of Americans, Canadians and others where according to official figures  50,000 people visit the falls annually as part of their honeymoon,  flow of tourists exceeded al…

Victoria Falls smoke that Thunder in Africa

In Africa, on the border between the States of Zambia and Zimbabwe there is " smoke that Thunders" or "Mozi " in the local language ,which  is the old name to Victoria falls . which is located on the Zambezi River.

" smoke that thunders" or " shocking smoke" the name reflects the scenery of waterfalls where the water flowing from the top down in a loud voice, rolled the region a thick watery mist call it "the fog detonator", came the name of Victoria after he Visited the first European and Scottish Explorer David Livingstone in November 1855, and named it this name because of Britain's Queen Victoria, but it is still known by both names, also The  only island amid the waterfall in Zambia holds name the Explorer Livingstone.

 the waterfalls Stretching along the 1.7 mile, and height of 108 meters, so it is higher than Niagara falls which its maximum height 56 m high, competed strongly Iguazu falls between Brazil and Argentina. The r…

Trip to architectural masterpieces worldwide

If you're a fan of architecture and looking for round to see the distinctive and rare architecture , we will give you today an idea about ​​the most colorful cities on Earth ,you will be surprised of Multiple flagrant colors from being cities not paintings
1-Riomaggiore, Italy
 you might think at first glance it's just a portrait painted, but in truth the city is made up of red bricks and then painted with many colors to be this wonderful shape and landscapes that may surprise you
2-Jaipur in Rajasthan in India
 vary slightly in appearance they are not multiple colors but the predominant color is pink and is nicknamed "the Pink City" and consists of pink sandstone and the name is similar to the pink city or Petra in Jordan.
3. the city of Willemstad in Netherlands Antilles
built  in the middle of the 17th century in the form of clearly inspired by the colonial architecture of the capital of the Netherlands Antilles  , is situated on the port and includes residential…

A trip to amazing tourist places not seen before

Would you like to do odd and amazing tourist trip and visit the strangest and most beautiful places in the world? Do you want to see  photos of the most beautiful tourist places  that have  not seen before? Pack your bags today, you are on a date for a tourist trip to the weirdest and most beautiful tourist places that  have  not  seen .

 1- Wisteria Tunnel
 Of the most beautiful places in the world and the most romantic and charm is the  Wisteria Tunnel
  this tunnel is located in the gardens of the Fuji kawachi in Kitakyushu in Japan. tunnel is a painted painting from  brilliantly beautiful flowering , trees and Roses of different colors and you will feel  when  you are in the tunnel like a piece of paradise ,not in one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

2-The Crooked Forest

If you would like to take  alien  pictures and make a tour in one of the strangest and most beautiful places in the world you should visit The Crooked Forest
 which is located West Pomerania in Poland ,…

Discover Adventure in Egypt

Adventure in the depth of the desert, safari to the western desert oases, and quicksand in the Sahara desert and the Sinai desert are all adventures will glamorous your mind. Accelerate your engine, and driving quad bikes in the eastern desert. Experience climbing mountains of Sinai. Test the camping in the white desert experience than reality.

Discover all the unexpected, diving in the coasts of Egypt will reveal the underwater treasures and spectacular life under the sea. You can choose to go for a visit to the German submarine and dive to see the wreck of the ship nabolionih, or diving in the coral reefs of the Red Sea Or explore the underwater debris in the Mediterranean dating back to the golden age of the Pharaohs until the time of Cleopatra. If you are not interested in diving but you enjoy water activities, take advantage of the wind in Egypt The water-boarding of ships in Safaga is one of the most exciting activities.

Discover a range of adventure trips and start planning fo…

Recreation in Egypt

Enjoy the Sun in Red Sea Riviera resorts, luxury cruise, ship sailing on the Nile River. Surrendered to rest in resorts of the Spa. Stroll along the beaches and enjoy the stunning landscape of the slopes of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the habits of Bedouins, attended a gala dinner in the heart of the desert. Enjoy a game of golf just a few meters from the great pyramids of Giza. Recourse to the open spaces in the deserts of Egypt. Go for a day trip to a nearby National Park for recreation in rich natural environments and unique. Don't miss the experience of snorkeling in the warm waters of the Red Sea to see stunning coral reefs.
  In Egypt ... Comfort in every sense.
Recreational highlights:

1-Spa at port Ghalib-Marsa Alam:

Enjoy fresh meetings that remove all signs of stress and stress which disturb your holiday in Spa at port Ghalib - Marsa Alam. . With the Red Sea presence behind you unleash yourself and swim in one of the private meetings with perfume, treat…

Plans for the new year holiday

While we bid farewell to a year ago and welcome the new year, many of us prefer to travel abroad to celebrate the new year holiday amid fireworks and illuminated Christmas trees, but we usually confused in the choice  between countries, to spend the holiday that comes as a means of recreation and joy to the soul away from everyday concerns and responsibilities, here are ideas to help the traveler to celebrate in joy.

-The "Caribbean Sea" is a classic favorite destination for many of the new year holiday, so is traffic at that time of the year, and then you travel and booking in advance to avoid peak times. There are advised to visit the most beautiful islands such as Barbados, Grenada, Tobago and Jamaica.

-In "Thailand" is new year's day is a wonderful holiday of great value, if you lucky enough,  went to this beautiful country do not miss visiting the island of Phuket is one of the best places to enjoy.

While in Zambia, you will see the most beautiful ceremon…