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Before traveling to France

France is a beautiful country worth a visit for its beauty and fame in the field of shopping, so a lot of world's tourists visit each year, and learn about the various aspects of public life in this community is essential for those planning to sightseeing that Fascinates of seen even once in his life.


 If you plan to stay for two weeks or more in famous cities, it would be useful to learn at least some basic French phrases before traveling to France, especially those that you will use often, such as transportation, food, greet ,and so on . You
must also be familiar with some of the features of French culture so you can indulge in the community without restriction.


Paris is the most famous tourist city in France, though there are plenty of other sights worth visiting in this beautiful country, you can visit Alsace and sunny beaches on the Riviera, there is also an unique set of health resorts and picturesque villages and beaches.

There are ma…

Before traveling to Italy

If you round the streets of Rome and Venice and watched the traditional life style blended with Arts of modern Renaissance , you will change your perception about the beauty and the architectural extravaganza ,it is no wonder ,because Italy is a destination and the dream for researchers of fun ,culture ,and history ,which draw the lines of beauty to this country that will not forget , if lucky enough to visit Italy, you need this tips that will help you enjoy trouble-free.
Planning to travel to Italy requires you to focus on several aspects, Perhaps the most important is your budget, to be able to know the limits of your expenses and not beyond it ,to avoid causing you some problems, especially that this beautiful country is known for its high living expenses, do not rush to spend much money at the beginning of the journey, so that you can enjoy to the end.

The peak tourist season in Italy is June and September, to avoid the busy times you can book tickets for th…

Tour in Dubai for only five dirhams

Despite the beauty of the city of Dubai and being one of the world famous cities on the level of tourism, but also opens its doors to people with limited budget to enjoy over a set of milestones that hardly the visit may cost you more than five AED only, here is a list of the things that you can do in return for this little amount of this beautiful city.

-Dubai Museum
To find out how Dubai evolved from pearling into a vital economic center, visit the Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort which was built in 1787 and believed to be the oldest building in Dubai.
The visitors enter to the Museum through the heavy wooden doors in the courtyard of the fortress with three dirhams only, so that they can then explore different rooms, which displays the way of life in Dubai before the discovery of oil, besides the newly discovered ruins that date back to 3000 years b.c.
There is also another section of building displays the weapons of the early settlers, such as swords and Spears and bow and that wil…