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All about Morocco ....

We'll start with you world tour and travel around various country , Arabic and European to know the features of the country that you visit, to be the beginning in the Kingdom of Morocco.

A State in the far western North Africa , Rabat is the capital , the largest city is Casablanca the economic capital,  the most important cities: Fez, Marrakech, Mekn√®s, Tangier, Agadir. Morocco Overlooking on the Mediterranean Sea to the North and the Atlantic Ocean to the West ,flanking the Strait of Gibraltar , bordered by Algeria to the East and South of Mauritania. Morocco is the only African country that is not a member of the African Union , left after accepting the Republic Arabic desert democracy as a member , but have a special place in the Union, take advantage of the services offered by the Union countries  , such as the African Development Bank Group.
The origin label of Morocco back to ancient Arabs , where the name means "place of sunset" , as they thought at that time th…

Cultural sights of Egypt : Part 2

1-Valley of the Queens -Luxor :

Valley of the Queens is located on the west bank of Luxor, near the Valley of the Kings, is a place where the wives of pharaohs were buried in ancient times as well as princes and princesses of nobility .
The tomb of Nefertari, the wife and sweetheart of King Ramses II, is one of the most famous monuments, and her cemetery is the most beautiful cemetery in Egypt. All the walls are decorated with carvings representing Nefertari receive guidance and direction from god.

At a distance of one km nearly  from the road to the Valley of the Queens located  Deir al-Medina .The  label "Deir al-Medina" back to the temple of Ptolemy which dedicated to the cult of god Hathor, later become  the residence of monks early Christians. Beside the temple lies the village of workers, is an ancient town of workers and artists , who established the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens tombs living and burying in it .Some of the workers tombs of the beautifu…