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Tayrona Park in Colombia: a unique experience on the Caribbean coast

" Unique place " this is more accurately described for the Tayrona National Natural Park in Colombia, the scene there is different and varied where the Caribbean beaches ,desert areas ,and rainforests.
Tayrona is a nature reserve in Colombia ,located north of the Caribbean , and more than 34 km is a part of the city of Santa Marta. The park covers about 30 square kilometers of the Caribbean Sea, and about 150 square miles of wilderness. The park is the second most natural parks in terms of number of visitors, and visited during 2009 more than 211,000 visitors.
Tayrona National Natural Park featuring with large biodiversity ,and unique geographical diversity so that some of its parts rising to 900 meters above sea level, and comprises different areas from the sandy beaches on the Caribbean Sea in the North to the rainforest at an altitude of 600 m on the southern border of the Park, for the western part ,is a barren desert where the hills and spread kinds of desert plants su…

Tuscany: a masterpiece in the Italian territory

Tuscany region in Italy is famous for its spectacular scenery ,artistic cultural heritage ,and architectural which still cast a shadow over the territory to now, this heritage is the cradle of ancient Italian civilization , not surprisingly, have lived in this place some of the most famous artists in the world at all levels such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.
Tuscany is rich with many important museums such as The Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Uffizi near the River Arno in Florence, and Chianciano Museum of arts in Siena ,and also no lacking of natural beauty , include 120 nature reserves, making it a preferred destination for lovers of natural beauty.
Tuscany region is located in west-central Italy to the north of Rome and to the South of Genoa, extend over an area of about 23 thousand square kilometres. The territory was subject to Roman rule during the third century BC, but with the collapse of the Roman Empire was invaded by Byzantine ,Gothic ,Longobarda and then the invasio…