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All about Galapagos Islands ......

Many islands scattered throughout the world's oceans and seas may characterized by scenic nature and pure air ,in addition to the tranquillity and solitude ,which helps to create a perfect atmosphere for anyone looking for rehabilitation and relaxation away from the fast life rhythm and its responsibilities.

 These may be qualities and characteristics general for all the world's islands ,but for the group of Islands "Galapagos" , the reason of its fame is closely related to the theory of evolution to Charles Darwin ,because the most controversial scientist in human history has done his studies and research there on the land of these islands ,which adds a special taste and elegance.

Galapagos Islands is an archipelago of islands located 1,050 kilometres west of Ecuador's coast, and politically it is a province of Ecuador and its capital "Puerto Baquerizo Moreno" ,the archipelago consists of 13 large volcanic island, 6 smaller islands ,and 107 rocks and …

Do you know Uluru ..?

Rock Uluru.. One of the most popular natural attractions in Australia, is famous for changing its colors at different times of day and year, with sunset and sunrise glow in red, despite the scarcity of precipitation in this semi-arid region ,during rain rocks acquire silver and grey tones.

Rock Uluru is a huge monolith of sandstone and rocks was formed in the southern part of the Northern Territory of central Australia, located about 335 kilometers southwest of Alice Springs, the Northern Territory's largest cities of central Australia, reaches a height of 348 metres and rises about 876 m above sea level, stretching along more than 2.4 km and width of 1.6 km, and the area around its base eight kilometres.

The indigenous people called the rock as "Uluru" but there is no specific meaning for this name in the Pitjantjatjara language, part of the indigenous people of Australia. The rock also known as "Ayers Rock" ,the last name back to 1873 when monitored by the e…

Nouakchott.. The capital of sand and sea

The Mauritanian capital Nouakchott is located in the far west of Mauritania on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, connected to the rest of the Mauritanian cities by a network of roads ,  Road of Hope is the most important road . Its  population of more than one million inhabitants.

Nouakchott has suffered as the rest of the country from French occupation for 60 years, the French have been impressed by the beauty and charm of the nature and the habits of its people exotic, until become a tourist destination for lovers of the sea adventures, is one of the best fishing places in the world, offering tourists different types of marine adventures : there are fishing trips available throughout the year where the tourists can enjoy fishing in various marine ,especially that the beaches of Nouakchott enjoying the presence of exotic species of fish can be seen only on the Atlantic coast, such as tuna, shark, mackerel, domes, gear .It seems that the secret of having these types of fish in this r…