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Discover cultural sights of Egypt : Part I

Egypt offers you a rich cultural experience  extends for thousands of years of history and practice of ancient traditions. Walk in the corridors of the ancients, explore ancient Egyptian temples, tombs and other tourist attractions. Lose your sense of time, visit the museums that display thousands of ancient artifacts like coins, ceramic art, busts of ancient emperors, coffins, mosaics and mummies. Will fascinates by the ancient Egyptian mythology during the sound and light show at the Temple of Philae and Abu Simbel . Enjoy a walk through old bazaars for shopping and purchase in a traditional atmosphere , drink tea in ancient Egypt cafes  and see history of Egypt passes before your eyes. It's  an unique experience.
The most prominent landmarks :
1-The Sphinx of Giza :
The Sphinx: the mystery of the ancient Egyptian mythology. The largest sculpture  antique known on the face of the Earth. When was it built? Why was built? Any Pharaoh represents? Who broke his nose? No one can ans…

Top ten beaches in the world

1-Whitehaven beach - Australia :
 This beach is located on the Isle of Wight Sunday , This beach uses the boats only and there are not any constructors for humans. Is a beach of the purest sand beaches around the world, It consists of 98% pure silica ,Do not trying  to think
 to take some of this sand beach where your punishment can be up to $ 50,000 would pay at best.

2-Punalu'u beach-Hawaii :
Beach of black sand ,which was formed as a result of the convergence of the hot lava with cold ocean water and then fragmented and formed the black sandy beach.

3- Nungwi beach-Zanzibar:
 When you walk on the sands of this beach you find it slides out from under your feet smoothly , So that you feel in a quite relaxed such as live in a place of your own , Not part of this world.

4- Trunk Bay -Virgin Island :
You need at times to some places where relaxation and tranquility ,
 The Gulf is one of this places where calm , serenity and beauty, Is located on the island of Virgin in America, a l…

Places must visit before disappearing

1. the Maldives, known officially as the Republic of Maldives. Located in the Indian Ocean and consists of a double series of 26 atolls , because of global warming and melting ice the environmentalists had estimated the rise in sea level by one cm per year. This may not seem like much, but if you know that  the Maldives rise only 2.4 meters from the ground! Surely you should be worried .

2. city of Olympia .

 Greece is a home to the first Olympic Games in history. It is now threatened with extinction due to increased forest fires resulting from soaring summer temperatures.

3. the Valley of the Kings - Egypt.

In the Grand Canyon on the West Bank of the Nile there are many royal tombs which are eroding their walls by fungi, moisture, poor ventilation and the breath of tourists whose estimated in the thousands annually. Archeologists believe that these relics are disappearing within 150 years.


 A gathering of 118 Islands separated by canals and connected by bridges. Veni…