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Discover your next summer destination ....

The sun-drenched Mediterranean island of Ibiza in Spanish is one of the Balearic Islands, offering visitors beautiful beaches, wonderful accommodation opportunities,  natural scenery, and many possibilities to enjoy that, as many reasons to make it your next summer destination. Discovered it.

Ibiza is rather small, which means you will be able to cross the whole island from north to south and from east to west in a single day. You may see the sunrise on the beach in the morning and go to the other side of the island to watch the sunset in the evening.

Rock climbing is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ibiza, but a lot of the cliffs makes it an ideal destination for mountaineering enthusiasts amid breathtaking views of the world's coolest beaches.

Although the diving is amazing in Ibiza, it is not known for being a diving destination, which means that you'll have more time to enjoy diving solo, so it's your chance to discover Ibiza from und…