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Gibbs Farm .. Pure Nature in Tanzania

Gibb's farm story begins in Northern Tanzania in 1929, which was then coffee fields surrounded by hills ,mountains and lakes, where some Germans settled there and expanded its borders to become adjacent to the nature reserve "Ngorongoro" and built the first country house, which is considered the first hotel in the North of Tanzania, and after World War II devolved to the British Government  .In 1948 the British James Gibb bought it ,and from that day carries his name, James regained its old activity in coffee cultivation and added several other farms with his wife Margaret.

Over the years thinking is changed to exploit Gibb's Farm and its picturesque nature in tourist beginning since 1972, and built many rural homes surrounded by fruit , coffee and tea farms, and a stone road has been paved to crosses the farm from beginning to end for tourists to reach all rural homes ,where you can reach the homes without a guide, the homes are of two kinds; ordinary rural homes a…

Winter in the Middle East ....

Adventure tourism is many and varied around the world, but the adventures especially in the Middle East has its excellence worldwide particularly in the winter, if you're a fan and amateur of unfamiliar tours and search for exciting destinations... Here are some of the best adventure areas in the Middle East.

-Diving in the Sultanate of Oman

 Oman is of the most famous dive destinations in the region with the great diversity of marine life and contain many of the marine shelf ,small islands ,bays and caves where the diverse marine life and unique coral reefs, and diving can be exercised at all times.

Notable diving areas around the capital Muscat: Al Khiran, Fahal Island ,Daymaniyat Islands ,AL Kayran Bay ,Cemetery Bay (old hometown), besides the beach Al jissah, all the above sites contains on at least 11 different diving site each variety in its environment.

-Skiing adventures in Lebanon

Every tourist visiting Lebanon knows well that this country is the only place in the world …

Fiji Islands.....

If you are looking for a suitable place to spend the best vacation in spring and feel  like you in the paradise ,where beach resorts and picturesque nature away from the hustle of the world, rambled on your face apathetic to the life burdens and troubles, you won't find better than the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific over 2,000 km north east of the North Island of New Zealand adjacent to New Caledonia island French .
193 thousand km² is the Fiji's total area, land constitute only 10% of this area, Fiji Island is the crossroads of the Pacific Islands ,that consisting of about 322 island , Viti Levu is the largest island where the international airport and the city of Lautoka which inhabited by about 3/4 of the inhabitants of Fiji island , and the island vanua Levu ,these two islands constitute the majority of Fiji's area, and protected by the coral beaches of volcanoes or sandstorms while these volcanoes affect on the rest of the other islands.

Despite the remoteness of …

10 must-visit places in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for its canals, beautiful houses, shops and cafes, and bicycles exceed the number of population, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. There are lots of things you can do and places should be visited in. Some are free, we collected the best on this list.

1. Discover the secret Courtyard of Begijnhof
The charming courtyard of Begijnhof is hiding behind a heavy wooden door in Spui square ,dating back to the middle ages, breathe the history and culture of this place, but without bang for that particular property.

2. Find The Amsterdam City Archives
History lovers on a date with city archives centre or Stadsarchief in Dutch, where shows the history of Amsterdam through its various exhibitions, free access to the building, but the exhibitions for a fee, and the building itself still beautiful to enjoy watching.

3. Enjoy a sunny day at the beach Blijburg
Although Amsterdam is not located on the sea coast, but the Dutch managed to create the artifici…

Limassol ....Impressive land

Limassol is the largest municipality in Cyprus and one of the largest commercial ports in the Mediterranean, as well as being one of the most important centers of marine ,tourist ,service and commercial in the wider region.

Limassol was built between the two ancient cities Amathus and Kourion, and here you can see the rich Cyprus ,diverse history ,traditional culture, and golden past , therefore the experience of stay in this beautiful city will be definitely a great experience.

Limassol is the commercial and financial centre of Cyprus with a large number of domestic and international companies that are surrounded by hotels, restaurants and multiple entertainment places .

The city is always a popular tourist destination offering visitors the opportunity to experience a variety of cultural activities, including a visit to museums and archaeological sites that date for ages Byzantine, Ottoman and modern times.

The city attracts a lot of visitors every year, who come to discover the bea…