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Crescent moon shines over Hawaii

Molokini Island is the best for those who wish to relax away from the noise and the ideal place for lovers of nature and serenity, it is a great rocky island formed crescent-shaped and southern the island of Maui in Hawaii.
Molokini is a stunning island with picturesque nature, formed by a huge volcanic eruption make it appear on this beautiful crescent shape , has an area of 23 acres and 49 meters in height.
Is a popular tourist destination for diving amid the coral reefs ,unique marine life ,and  the serenity and absolute clarity of its water ,there is no flat land on this island, it is only a towering cliffs, and therefore the surrounding water is the cleanest water in all Hawaiian Islands , making it a page of pure nature which fascinates whoever sees it.

Molokini is also a home to some 250 species of fish, and many aquatic endemic animals ,summer and early morning is the best time to see them, the only danger of strong currents that flow beneath the submerged part of the wall of…

The mermaid of Caribbean

Jamaica island is the most vital and beautiful of all the English-speaking islands in the Caribbean Sea region, not because it has many beautiful beaches and luxury hotels, but also has more than that, it is rich in its history ,different types of arts and culture, and distinctive music.

We can say that the Caribbean experience in the world of travel and tourism industry can be found in Jamaica, this charming island gathered various customs, traditions and cultures from all over the Caribbean in one pot. Perhaps the best time to visit Jamaica when the weather is at its worst and most cooler in Europe and the Middle East, specifically during the period between mid-December and mid-April, this period is the driest throughout the year in Jamaica but the prices are at its peak, so some of those who are planning to travel in this period may reconsider and go there during the three-month period ending in July,  when hotel rates begin to decline by a third, and the weather is not much diffe…

The jewel of England

If you plan to travel to Britain soon, why not visit Cheltenham town « the jewel of England » , about 100 miles from London and close to the city of Oxford university . Cheltenham is a city of wealthy and celebrities and businessmen which is famous for its mineral springs famous in the world, as well as the elegant and luxurious buildings built in the reign of King George III, who was a big fan of the city and was frequented by many , therefore ,it is considered a royal city par excellence, and since the discovery of the springs in the year of 1716 become a destination for those interested in healing and also enjoy the health benefits of this mineral water and other good advantages .

The city took its name from Chelt River flowing near the unique royal architectural character of Regency ,is a favorite place for Arab tourists wishing to getaway from the hustle of London to enjoy nature and beauty or shopping and exploring the atmosphere of the classic English countryside that surround…

8 destinations recommended to visit before having children

The presence of children does not mean that you cannot travel , but of course, children need during travel and holidays to special care as well as additional luggage, car seats, ,strollers, diapers packs , snacks , necessary clothing and games , all this will brings you to wonder why we did not travel before having children? Here are eight destinations we recommend you to visit before having children .

-New Zealand:

The scenic wonders of nature in New Zealand makes it at the top of the list of travel before having children, particularly as they journey lasts 13 hours if you are coming from the West Coast, not to mention that those trips typically cost more than $ 1,000 per person.
Long journeys are tough on everyone, and will be more difficult of course on children ,and they will take a long time to adjust to new situations, in addition to this, New Zealand navigation between north and south is a must if you want to see every country, and it would be harder if you have children.

Times Square.....

In New York, the city that was built to be a unique model for commerce, entertainment, amusement, and dreams that know no borders, at the intersection of Broadway, Seventh Avenue ,at 42nd Street in particular ,where "Times Square" is located to witness the passage of nearly 400,000 people daily on its bustling land according to reports issued by the municipality of New York, some of them crosses this walkway on their way to work, some of them working there already, and some of them come for tourism, watch the greatness of urban and commercial that seem "New York. "

The Square was renamed "Times Square" after name "Longacre Square" on eight April 1904 by order of the mayor of New York then "George McClellan" , about three weeks after the movement of The New York Times headquarters to there, is the most popular daily newspaper in the world unchallenged, and its building still number one in this square overcrowded with galleries and byst…

Discover the fun of frozen lakes

Many tourists around the world waiting the winter to practice their favorite tourist activities ,which are available only in this season, most notably is catching fish on the ice also known as the ice-fishing ,where the tourists exploit the Lakes full of fish which turned to ice ,making it easy to walk on it like a solid ground, there is nothing for them tastier than fishing on frozen lakes and then grill on a special stoves.

Of the most famous places of practice the ice-fishing is the Canadian province of Saskatchewan ,where the giant fish ,crystal pure water ,floating ice , fresh air and magnificent scenery. In late December of each year up the winter peak in the province of Saskatchewan central Canada,  which up its boundaries even to the borders of the United States of America, and the temperature reaches to 40 degrees below zero, then the lakes turning into thick icy layers floating ,and under it the Lake water which is a fertile environment for the proliferation of many types o…

Discover the splendor of Greek islands

Many tourists around the world prefer to spend their holidays in the Greek islands to restoring their activity and reviving their bodies to prepare for the new routine life upon their return, and this choice not disappoint their expectations ,where the luxurious islands resorts amid white sand and attractive beaches , including the island of Crete, the largest Greek islands by population.
Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort located in the central of the Greek island Crete amid botanical gardens and perennial trees spread over an area of 176,000 square metres, and overlooking a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea at a site near all facilities of life on the island, is about 20 minutes from the international airport of Heraklion ,which received daily 25 flights from various European cities, is just several minutes away from the Aghia Pelagia market which is the largest fish markets there.
Accommodations in the resort distributed on two main buildings ,as well as three other areas for thos…

East Hotel in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant places in the world, frequented by tourists all year round, and moving rapidly to establish its position as a premium & luxury tourist destination, even became known as Pearl of the Orient. To spend a distinct trip to Hong Kong and enjoy it require accommodation in a nearby hotel from the famous tourist places and at the same time quiet to take you to quiet & a relaxed atmosphere in the evening after a full tourist tours of movement and excitement in Hong Kong, the most prominent of these hotels is The East Hotel ,oversaw the design : company CL3 Architects.

East Hotel was marketed since the beginning of its inception primarily to fits the business travelers , and over the years has gained great popularity among different categories of tourists, due to several reasons including ideal location ,scenic overlooks, high-quality rooms clear in each side and technical touches evident in all flanks , in addition to its services, and restaurants w…

La Boqueria Market ..... A combination of scents and vivid colors

In the Spanish city of Barcelona, not far from the Opera House ,located the famous market "La Boqueria" ,also known as The Mercat de Sant Josep , it has a large assortment of goods and commodities that appeal to shoppers with a taste and attractive colors, and therefore is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city.
The market is located in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, and its entrance in the La Rambla, not far from the Opera House in Barcelona. "Boqueria" is filled with bright colors and scents for a large selection of candy, vegetables, fruit, fish and fresh meat, besides the traditional costumes worn by some vendors, you will be surprised by a barrage of bright colors and overlapping sounds and flashing lights and people different in everything.

La Boqueria Market on the contrary of the other markets in being a covered market,  for this you can hear the voices of vendors interlaced with an attractive ringing like you are inside a tunne…

Tubohotel in Mexico: accommodation inside the tube

Tubohotel is a strange funky hotel , located in one of the most famous tourist destinations in Mexico, specifically in the south of the Mexican capital Mexico City is about 45 minutes ,the area called Magic Village in Tepoztlan, this type of hotels is not a place for a luxury holiday , but it is unique and cheap place to stay and more suitable for young people, where only costs $40 a night, is ideal for young travelers or anyone who wants to travel with a reasonable budget, so it is closer to the concept of hostels to hotels.
This is a new strategy used by some companies in charge of the establishment of hotels around the world, T3arc company has been followed the same concept in building this hotel " Tubo "  to build it quickly and cheaply without sacrificing the stunning scenery of the surrounding area .
Tubohotel as is clear from its name made of huge concrete pipes with thermal properties to maintain the internal temperature constant, day and night, each tube is a separ…

Sydney, the magic of Nature & Adventure

The Australian Sydney city offers to its visitors an unique experience during the journey and during their stay , it is located in the other half of the planet ,so the time differs completely ,seasons, and climate, and above that combines charming scenery, famous landmarks and sense of adventure.
Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia, where it was discovered in 1788,  is the capital of the state of New South Wales , and considered the largest economic center, commercial ,and cultural in the continent . It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and best for living , it has the most distinctive strategic location between the Pacific Ocean and The Blue Mountains ,there is also Port Jackson the largest natural harbour in the world, Sydney includes over than 300 neighborhood continued for 38 local government area.
Weather in Sydney is warm to hot in summer, cold in winter ,and mild in the spring and fall ,where the best season for tourism. Like any city in the south…

Ma'in springs:Integrated medical clinic

In Jordan, there are many old places still attract large numbers of tourists, the most important area is Hammamat Ma'in and the hot springs around it, also known as Zarqa Ma'in, is a series of hot springs and waterfalls.
Ma'in springs located between the Dead sea and the town of Madaba, an hour's drive from the capital city of Oman, below sea level by 264 metres. Spring water is effective in treating many diseases because it contains large amounts of hydrogen sulfide, the springs still a source of hot water ,which gained its heat from lava in the underground.
Ma'in water gushes from the summit of a high mountain to deep valley, at temperatures ranging from -40 to 60 ° c, like a panoramic panel blends colors between green land and transparent waters, its charm reflects on the comers when they see this panel .
tourists are intended springs Ma'in Jordanian to relax ,enjoy ,and healing of rheumatic diseases ,muscle spasm ,back pain, cardiovascular disease ,skin al…

Montaña Mágica Lodge

South American continent enjoying the stunning nature, where meets in its states all nature elements of rivers ,lakes, beaches, forests and mountains, so thought the businessman Victor Petermann in building an unique hotel into one of the continent's forest, so he headed to the province of Valdivia, southern Chile ,situated on the Chilean-Argentine border , specifically in the area named Huilo Huilo and bought it in full in 1990, and became one of the nature reserves by UNESCO's recognition  from 1999.
Huilo Huilo is a rich natural reserve area in the world , take the form of a triangle, begins from south of the Colorado River in Argentina ,even the Valdivia River in Chile ,can move between the two countries through the joint Lakes between them.
Tourism activity in Huilo Huilo depends on the nature of the mountains, forests ,rivers and snow, where is visited by millions of tourists each year to practice their hobbies, making it a popular destination in Latin America, and now …

Accommodation amid waves in floating hotel

If you do not travel to Sweden before, and want to enjoy a luxury accommodation at sea in floating hotel, the island of Klädesholmen near west coast of Sweden is the best destination where you will find your dream , where there is near its coasts a hotel dates back to five years.
This unique hotel was just an idea in the imagination of the two partners Susanna and Patrick who thought in a tourism project to attract the attention of the world to the west of Sweden, the idea back to 2004 and achieved during four years, in October 2008 opened the first floating hotel in Sweden called Salt & Sill, and from then it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists.
The floating hotel started its work with simple crew no more than ten people, and over the years that proved the success of the experiment and unexpectedly enthusiasm of the tourists , the hotel became more extensive and now consists of six cubed adjacent houses , together constitute a floating hotel on the floats, and beside it a…

Greek resort of Mystique : the magic of the confluence of the Aegean with Caldera mountains volcanic

The Greek islands absent from the tourism interface for many years despite its magnificence and old fame , and also considered one of the most romantic and elegance places ,  despite the mystery that shrouded.
To break this impression to large segment of tourists ,the Greek resort (Mystique) was created since a period on the Greek island (Santorini) ,and offers an unique atmosphere through its villas and suites scattered over an area of more than 2000 square meters (the area of this elegant resort )which enchants the tourist, is a mixture of natural beauty and high-end services that give visitors eventually lucidity.

The resort is located on the top of Oia cliffs which were formed over many years ,is like a safe haven and high refuge for tourists to revitalizing their lives and their bodies in a superb view overlooking the Aegean sea crystal blue and surrounded by volcanic mountains ,such as the most famous volcano Caldera.
The Mystique resort features that all what in it are made by…

Seychelles: make your own destination

A group of the world's largest coral islands in size ,its beaches stretching for miles along the wonderful coasts of quiet bays surrounded by natural coral reefs, and decorated with Palm trees and dense forests filled with rare wildlife spirit ,with the calm that provides complete protection for the privacy of its outstanding visitors of world celebrities as Claudia Schiffer , Robbie Williams ,and Stevie Graf so that the news of the visit remains under wraps in response to the desire of the global community stars and the owners of international companies to attain a bit of comfort and isolation from the noise of the world .This is "Seychelles" , celebrations country, world beauty contests, and luxury tourism.

Seychelles is composed of 115 islands, 16 of them are uninhabited, all of which enjoy a warm tropical weather year-round, the temperatures between 26-23 degrees Celsius. The local language is "Creole" , people speaks French, English, and some speaks Arabi…

Tayrona Park in Colombia: a unique experience on the Caribbean coast

" Unique place " this is more accurately described for the Tayrona National Natural Park in Colombia, the scene there is different and varied where the Caribbean beaches ,desert areas ,and rainforests.
Tayrona is a nature reserve in Colombia ,located north of the Caribbean , and more than 34 km is a part of the city of Santa Marta. The park covers about 30 square kilometers of the Caribbean Sea, and about 150 square miles of wilderness. The park is the second most natural parks in terms of number of visitors, and visited during 2009 more than 211,000 visitors.
Tayrona National Natural Park featuring with large biodiversity ,and unique geographical diversity so that some of its parts rising to 900 meters above sea level, and comprises different areas from the sandy beaches on the Caribbean Sea in the North to the rainforest at an altitude of 600 m on the southern border of the Park, for the western part ,is a barren desert where the hills and spread kinds of desert plants su…

Tuscany: a masterpiece in the Italian territory

Tuscany region in Italy is famous for its spectacular scenery ,artistic cultural heritage ,and architectural which still cast a shadow over the territory to now, this heritage is the cradle of ancient Italian civilization , not surprisingly, have lived in this place some of the most famous artists in the world at all levels such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.
Tuscany is rich with many important museums such as The Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Uffizi near the River Arno in Florence, and Chianciano Museum of arts in Siena ,and also no lacking of natural beauty , include 120 nature reserves, making it a preferred destination for lovers of natural beauty.
Tuscany region is located in west-central Italy to the north of Rome and to the South of Genoa, extend over an area of about 23 thousand square kilometres. The territory was subject to Roman rule during the third century BC, but with the collapse of the Roman Empire was invaded by Byzantine ,Gothic ,Longobarda and then the invasio…

El Gouna ,Red Sea Riviera

A myriad of interlinked islands, turquoise lakes, latest golf courses, luxurious beach resorts ,and a lot of water activities: it is El Gouna.
El Gouna is a rich landscape, includes upscale facilities for the whole family ,and offers plenty of services and activities to suit everyone. El Gouna is about 22 km from Hurghada and 470 kilometers from Cairo. This spot of the Red Sea Featuring its moderate climate in winter , temperatures range between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius.  In summer, temperatures range between 26 and 33 degrees Celsius, so the weather is dry.
The vacation at El Gouna Include best recreation and aquatic activities, besides the latest spas ,fancy restaurants, golf courses ,tennis , and Olympic swimming pools .all this makes El Gouna ideal destination for honeymoon in Red Sea Riviera and even more , it is a wonderful location for your wedding . imagine yourself together with your beloved in lush green gardens and net lakes before joining to your guests in a refined dinn…

Langkawi Archipelago in Malaysia: The distinctive charm of nature

For fun one distinctive address ,always can be shortened in relaxation and recreation in the magic of nature after the trouble of hard work . This great advantage that gasping behind it many people, especially the stars and celebrities, who are searching for a lovely and quiet place away from the noise and bustle of the media , one of the most places that have this kind of  unique natural charm is Malaysia ,a country in Southeast Asia, consists of 13 States and three federal territories, with a total area of 329845 sq km, and its capital is Kuala Lumpur.

-Malaysia is a distinct destination for big stars and wealthy who come all the year from all countries of the world to enjoy the natural wonders and scenic beaches. The most famous and important places to visit when you go to Malaysia is the archipelago ,known as the Langkawi archipelago, consisting of several islands located 20 miles west of the Malay Peninsula in the Strait of Malacca, where Malaysia is approaching greatly from Tha…