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Seychelles: make your own destination

A group of the world's largest coral islands in size ,its beaches stretching for miles along the wonderful coasts of quiet bays surrounded by natural coral reefs, and decorated with Palm trees and dense forests filled with rare wildlife spirit ,with the calm that provides complete protection for the privacy of its outstanding visitors of world celebrities as Claudia Schiffer , Robbie Williams ,and Stevie Graf so that the news of the visit remains under wraps in response to the desire of the global community stars and the owners of international companies to attain a bit of comfort and isolation from the noise of the world .This is "Seychelles" , celebrations country, world beauty contests, and luxury tourism.

Seychelles is composed of 115 islands, 16 of them are uninhabited, all of which enjoy a warm tropical weather year-round, the temperatures between 26-23 degrees Celsius. The local language is "Creole" , people speaks French, English, and some speaks Arabi…