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Malay Archipelago from occupation to independence :Part ||

The Government has responded to this demand and formed a mock Parliament to satisfy people. The parish Council established composed of 60 members, including 30 deputies Indonesia and twenty-five Dutch deputies ,and five foreigners representing foreign interests, and the Dutch Government should appoint a President of the Council of the Dutch ,Indonesians members are chosen by election either others by appointment ,and not for Parliament the supervisory authority or Government accountability.

The revolution caught in Java and Sumatra's western in 1926-1927 ,to ravage the Dutch presence in these islands, but foreign companies joined with the government to quell the revolution fearing on their economic interests. Netherlands has succeeded in put down the revolt, and denied about four thousand of the rebels into the New Guinean entertained, and restricted all freedoms. Foreign companies reaped the benefits of their participation with the government adopt an open-door policy or the pri…

Malay Archipelago from occupation to independence: Part |

The Malay Archipelago is consists of the Malay Peninsula, and five main Islands (the Greater Sunda) include Java and Sumatra and Borneo and Sulawesi, besides about 30 small archipelago featuring 13.677 Island, 6.044 island already inhabited. Climate varies in the Malay Archipelago between tropical and warm ,temperate and cold ,most rainfall in winter, evergreen woodlands throughout the year, rich in crops which vary with climate variability, the most important crops are rubber and coffee ,tea ,coconut and wood, pineapple fruits ,papaya ,mango and is rich in livestock too.

Malay Archipelago knew the political unity since the fifth century AD, and remained until the 13nth century under the rule of the Empire ( Srivijaya ) ,then built on its ruins another Empire is "Majapahit" from the end of the 13nth century until the year 1478 AD. This Empire succeeded in establishing business relations with China ,India, and the Arabs, the country's stores moved by the Arabs to Europe …