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Amazing Rio......

It's the country of carnivals and South America bride....Rio de Janeiro Brazil's first capital before the creation of the nation's capital Brasilia, is one of the three major cities on the continent alongside the Brazilian Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires ,Argentina.

Rio de Janeiro does not offer one face or two faces for tourism, it is a multifaceted city with its magnificent nature ,rich tradition ,charming celebrations, and on the one hand embraces large swathes of forest. You can also visit the famous statue of Jesus Christ, and in the end enjoy the beautiful beaches especially shores of Copacabana.

On the heritage side ,the National Museum of Brazil is located in Quinta da Boa Vista park, which dates back to the year 1818, and interested in scientific research and science of plants and birds, featuring unique species of birds and plants some of which are on the verge of extinction.

The visitor can also visit one of the landmarks of Rio, Christ the Redeemer statue ,which wa…