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Crescent moon shines over Hawaii

Molokini Island is the best for those who wish to relax away from the noise and the ideal place for lovers of nature and serenity, it is a great rocky island formed crescent-shaped and southern the island of Maui in Hawaii.
Molokini is a stunning island with picturesque nature, formed by a huge volcanic eruption make it appear on this beautiful crescent shape , has an area of 23 acres and 49 meters in height.
Is a popular tourist destination for diving amid the coral reefs ,unique marine life ,and  the serenity and absolute clarity of its water ,there is no flat land on this island, it is only a towering cliffs, and therefore the surrounding water is the cleanest water in all Hawaiian Islands , making it a page of pure nature which fascinates whoever sees it.

Molokini is also a home to some 250 species of fish, and many aquatic endemic animals ,summer and early morning is the best time to see them, the only danger of strong currents that flow beneath the submerged part of the wall of…

The mermaid of Caribbean

Jamaica island is the most vital and beautiful of all the English-speaking islands in the Caribbean Sea region, not because it has many beautiful beaches and luxury hotels, but also has more than that, it is rich in its history ,different types of arts and culture, and distinctive music.

We can say that the Caribbean experience in the world of travel and tourism industry can be found in Jamaica, this charming island gathered various customs, traditions and cultures from all over the Caribbean in one pot. Perhaps the best time to visit Jamaica when the weather is at its worst and most cooler in Europe and the Middle East, specifically during the period between mid-December and mid-April, this period is the driest throughout the year in Jamaica but the prices are at its peak, so some of those who are planning to travel in this period may reconsider and go there during the three-month period ending in July,  when hotel rates begin to decline by a third, and the weather is not much diffe…

The jewel of England

If you plan to travel to Britain soon, why not visit Cheltenham town « the jewel of England » , about 100 miles from London and close to the city of Oxford university . Cheltenham is a city of wealthy and celebrities and businessmen which is famous for its mineral springs famous in the world, as well as the elegant and luxurious buildings built in the reign of King George III, who was a big fan of the city and was frequented by many , therefore ,it is considered a royal city par excellence, and since the discovery of the springs in the year of 1716 become a destination for those interested in healing and also enjoy the health benefits of this mineral water and other good advantages .

The city took its name from Chelt River flowing near the unique royal architectural character of Regency ,is a favorite place for Arab tourists wishing to getaway from the hustle of London to enjoy nature and beauty or shopping and exploring the atmosphere of the classic English countryside that surround…