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Before traveling to Vietnam .....

Vietnam is not a tourist destination known to the Arabs, but new ideal destinations for adventurer lovers and enthusiasts visiting new places... therefore we give you a range of tips before traveling to such a State in the Indian sub-continent Chinese or "Indochina" Southeast Asia on the Gulf of Tonkin and the South China Sea.


Easy visa issue, Vietnam facilitates obtained online, where you can get acceptance by a Vietnamese tourist companies ,to affix the visa on the passport when you reach the airport, but many stuck in airports, maybe they contacted with fake companies, so it is better to be taken before traveling to Vietnam from the embassy .


There are more than 1,700 kilometers between the capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, this distance takes more than two days by bus and 34 hours by train, you cannot include this vast State with its modest potential in transportation on tour one , therefore, decided well where your destination will be North or South.

All about Galapagos Islands ......

Many islands scattered throughout the world's oceans and seas may characterized by scenic nature and pure air ,in addition to the tranquillity and solitude ,which helps to create a perfect atmosphere for anyone looking for rehabilitation and relaxation away from the fast life rhythm and its responsibilities.

 These may be qualities and characteristics general for all the world's islands ,but for the group of Islands "Galapagos" , the reason of its fame is closely related to the theory of evolution to Charles Darwin ,because the most controversial scientist in human history has done his studies and research there on the land of these islands ,which adds a special taste and elegance.

Galapagos Islands is an archipelago of islands located 1,050 kilometres west of Ecuador's coast, and politically it is a province of Ecuador and its capital "Puerto Baquerizo Moreno" ,the archipelago consists of 13 large volcanic island, 6 smaller islands ,and 107 rocks and …

Do you know Uluru ..?

Rock Uluru.. One of the most popular natural attractions in Australia, is famous for changing its colors at different times of day and year, with sunset and sunrise glow in red, despite the scarcity of precipitation in this semi-arid region ,during rain rocks acquire silver and grey tones.

Rock Uluru is a huge monolith of sandstone and rocks was formed in the southern part of the Northern Territory of central Australia, located about 335 kilometers southwest of Alice Springs, the Northern Territory's largest cities of central Australia, reaches a height of 348 metres and rises about 876 m above sea level, stretching along more than 2.4 km and width of 1.6 km, and the area around its base eight kilometres.

The indigenous people called the rock as "Uluru" but there is no specific meaning for this name in the Pitjantjatjara language, part of the indigenous people of Australia. The rock also known as "Ayers Rock" ,the last name back to 1873 when monitored by the e…

Nouakchott.. The capital of sand and sea

The Mauritanian capital Nouakchott is located in the far west of Mauritania on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, connected to the rest of the Mauritanian cities by a network of roads ,  Road of Hope is the most important road . Its  population of more than one million inhabitants.

Nouakchott has suffered as the rest of the country from French occupation for 60 years, the French have been impressed by the beauty and charm of the nature and the habits of its people exotic, until become a tourist destination for lovers of the sea adventures, is one of the best fishing places in the world, offering tourists different types of marine adventures : there are fishing trips available throughout the year where the tourists can enjoy fishing in various marine ,especially that the beaches of Nouakchott enjoying the presence of exotic species of fish can be seen only on the Atlantic coast, such as tuna, shark, mackerel, domes, gear .It seems that the secret of having these types of fish in this r…

Gibbs Farm .. Pure Nature in Tanzania

Gibb's farm story begins in Northern Tanzania in 1929, which was then coffee fields surrounded by hills ,mountains and lakes, where some Germans settled there and expanded its borders to become adjacent to the nature reserve "Ngorongoro" and built the first country house, which is considered the first hotel in the North of Tanzania, and after World War II devolved to the British Government  .In 1948 the British James Gibb bought it ,and from that day carries his name, James regained its old activity in coffee cultivation and added several other farms with his wife Margaret.

Over the years thinking is changed to exploit Gibb's Farm and its picturesque nature in tourist beginning since 1972, and built many rural homes surrounded by fruit , coffee and tea farms, and a stone road has been paved to crosses the farm from beginning to end for tourists to reach all rural homes ,where you can reach the homes without a guide, the homes are of two kinds; ordinary rural homes a…

Winter in the Middle East ....

Adventure tourism is many and varied around the world, but the adventures especially in the Middle East has its excellence worldwide particularly in the winter, if you're a fan and amateur of unfamiliar tours and search for exciting destinations... Here are some of the best adventure areas in the Middle East.

-Diving in the Sultanate of Oman

 Oman is of the most famous dive destinations in the region with the great diversity of marine life and contain many of the marine shelf ,small islands ,bays and caves where the diverse marine life and unique coral reefs, and diving can be exercised at all times.

Notable diving areas around the capital Muscat: Al Khiran, Fahal Island ,Daymaniyat Islands ,AL Kayran Bay ,Cemetery Bay (old hometown), besides the beach Al jissah, all the above sites contains on at least 11 different diving site each variety in its environment.

-Skiing adventures in Lebanon

Every tourist visiting Lebanon knows well that this country is the only place in the world …

Fiji Islands.....

If you are looking for a suitable place to spend the best vacation in spring and feel  like you in the paradise ,where beach resorts and picturesque nature away from the hustle of the world, rambled on your face apathetic to the life burdens and troubles, you won't find better than the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific over 2,000 km north east of the North Island of New Zealand adjacent to New Caledonia island French .
193 thousand km² is the Fiji's total area, land constitute only 10% of this area, Fiji Island is the crossroads of the Pacific Islands ,that consisting of about 322 island , Viti Levu is the largest island where the international airport and the city of Lautoka which inhabited by about 3/4 of the inhabitants of Fiji island , and the island vanua Levu ,these two islands constitute the majority of Fiji's area, and protected by the coral beaches of volcanoes or sandstorms while these volcanoes affect on the rest of the other islands.

Despite the remoteness of …

10 must-visit places in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for its canals, beautiful houses, shops and cafes, and bicycles exceed the number of population, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. There are lots of things you can do and places should be visited in. Some are free, we collected the best on this list.

1. Discover the secret Courtyard of Begijnhof
The charming courtyard of Begijnhof is hiding behind a heavy wooden door in Spui square ,dating back to the middle ages, breathe the history and culture of this place, but without bang for that particular property.

2. Find The Amsterdam City Archives
History lovers on a date with city archives centre or Stadsarchief in Dutch, where shows the history of Amsterdam through its various exhibitions, free access to the building, but the exhibitions for a fee, and the building itself still beautiful to enjoy watching.

3. Enjoy a sunny day at the beach Blijburg
Although Amsterdam is not located on the sea coast, but the Dutch managed to create the artifici…

Limassol ....Impressive land

Limassol is the largest municipality in Cyprus and one of the largest commercial ports in the Mediterranean, as well as being one of the most important centers of marine ,tourist ,service and commercial in the wider region.

Limassol was built between the two ancient cities Amathus and Kourion, and here you can see the rich Cyprus ,diverse history ,traditional culture, and golden past , therefore the experience of stay in this beautiful city will be definitely a great experience.

Limassol is the commercial and financial centre of Cyprus with a large number of domestic and international companies that are surrounded by hotels, restaurants and multiple entertainment places .

The city is always a popular tourist destination offering visitors the opportunity to experience a variety of cultural activities, including a visit to museums and archaeological sites that date for ages Byzantine, Ottoman and modern times.

The city attracts a lot of visitors every year, who come to discover the bea…

Derawan ....Unfamiliar destination

Each tourist has a dream to find his favorite and ideal tourist destination somewhere outside the familiar places that he used to visit before during previous trips, doubtless any tourist will find what he wants in Derawan Islands, which together form a group of islands located within East Kalimantan province of Indonesia in the  Sulawesi Sea off the East Coast of Kalimantan.

Although the Derawan Islands are well known, but it is difficult to reach, even with you are there, it will remain a perpetual feeling as if you found a new discovery. And may you have traveled to hundreds of places all over the world, but there is no other place in the splendor and beauty of Derawan Islands, in this charming picturesque islands, a small community of people living in a small and very clean village ,its members used to welcome travelers with open arms.

After waking up in your room and watch the sun shines from the balcony of the tiny house that you accommodate with other travelers from around the…

Before traveling to Boston

Boston is the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and one of the oldest and richest and most important cities in the United States of America, and is considered one of the top 10 U.S. cities to visit, no wonder it is a vivid example of the magnificent architecture and famous cultural institutions at the global level ,and if lucky enough to visit this city ,you must to do the best seven things there.

-1. visit the Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is the most comprehensive museum in Boston, it has a large collection of the most beautiful French impressionist paintings outside Paris , also has a section of Japanese art, which contains the largest collection of rare paintings outside Japan, as well as the Roman and Egyptian paintings, the Museum is one of the largest museums in the United States, and receives over one million visitors a year.

-2. Boston Symphony Orchestra

Boston is famous for its brilliant Orchestra in the world, you can enjoy it at the Symphonic Hal…

Fourteen Falls....Baffling natural beauty

Away from the hustle of the Kenyan capital "Nairobi" and 65 km of which ,the Fourteen Falls is located, one of the most spectacular landscapes that make the visitors stands in front of it and staring for hours at the beauty and splendour to enjoy the baffling natural beauty ,a fascinating scene for pure nature free from any pollution, it is also a major destination for safari in Kenya.
The Fourteen Falls is along the highway "Garissa - Thika" and away only ten minutes from the Kenyan village of "Doniusabok" , this area derives its name from the 14 cascading waterfalls located along the Athi river , these successive waterfalls are loaded with millions litres of water flowing from the beginning of the river, even it flows into a waterfall after another, with the water depth by about 30 yards , a loud sound like thunder can be heard for several kilometers away as a result of crushing water with heavy rocks ,making it an unforgettable experience.

The Fourtee…

Discover the beautiful Zermatt....

The village of Zermatt in Switzerland is a tourist gem of the European Alps, the distance between it and the city of Interlaken 153 km, about 2:25 hours to reach and enjoy its natural attractions and the heritage landmarks of its people, here some things should never miss to visit in your trip to Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn.

1. Matterhorn :The world famous Swiss icon

Famous mountain Matterhorn that runs along the Swiss border (village of Zermatt) and Italian (village of Breuil-Cervinia), at this mountain you can pick up the pictures frequently due to the easy access to its summit rises 4478 metres. You can access there within 40 minutes thanks to Cableway.

 2. Matterhorn Museum

In Mount Matterhorn you can enjoy the exciting events held especially in the Matterhorn Museum located there ,where you enjoy the fairy tales of the population and the amazing history, archaeological excavations indicate to human traffic for a long time, secret rooms and cottages ,and strange noises …