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Malay Archipelago from occupation to independence :Part ||

The Government has responded to this demand and formed a mock Parliament to satisfy people. The parish Council established composed of 60 members, including 30 deputies Indonesia and twenty-five Dutch deputies ,and five foreigners representing foreign interests, and the Dutch Government should appoint a President of the Council of the Dutch ,Indonesians members are chosen by election either others by appointment ,and not for Parliament the supervisory authority or Government accountability.

The revolution caught in Java and Sumatra's western in 1926-1927 ,to ravage the Dutch presence in these islands, but foreign companies joined with the government to quell the revolution fearing on their economic interests. Netherlands has succeeded in put down the revolt, and denied about four thousand of the rebels into the New Guinean entertained, and restricted all freedoms. Foreign companies reaped the benefits of their participation with the government adopt an open-door policy or the pri…

Malay Archipelago from occupation to independence: Part |

The Malay Archipelago is consists of the Malay Peninsula, and five main Islands (the Greater Sunda) include Java and Sumatra and Borneo and Sulawesi, besides about 30 small archipelago featuring 13.677 Island, 6.044 island already inhabited. Climate varies in the Malay Archipelago between tropical and warm ,temperate and cold ,most rainfall in winter, evergreen woodlands throughout the year, rich in crops which vary with climate variability, the most important crops are rubber and coffee ,tea ,coconut and wood, pineapple fruits ,papaya ,mango and is rich in livestock too.

Malay Archipelago knew the political unity since the fifth century AD, and remained until the 13nth century under the rule of the Empire ( Srivijaya ) ,then built on its ruins another Empire is "Majapahit" from the end of the 13nth century until the year 1478 AD. This Empire succeeded in establishing business relations with China ,India, and the Arabs, the country's stores moved by the Arabs to Europe …

Fuerteventura .....

Fuerteventura is a magical island in the heart of the Atlantic, and the second largest Spain’s Canary Islands, where bright sunshine, pristine sea ,and the vibrant Spanish culture, in addition to the cliffs and mountains that adorn the beautiful beaches in a gorgeous scenery ....So let's know more about it.

 Fuerteventura is a global Island with mild temperatures year round, so you can enjoy the sunshine throughout the months of the year almost, it is a great place to escape the cold weather in winter and the heat of the sun during the summer, temperatures ranging between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, and even if it rains sometimes, it's usually an exceptional and the sun return quickly back again.

Holidays to Fuerteventura extremely cheap, including food ,drink ,and even accommodation is at affordable prices, as there is also plenty to enjoy the outdoors without having to spend a lot of money.
Because of the strong winds in Fuerteventura water sports are really popular, and so …

Cape Town ...The legend city

African city granted by nature everything to become a charming town, with the presence of heights covered with green, the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the famous harbour ,Table Mountain ,and its diverse history all of this make it one of the finest and most famous cities of South Africa, it's the charming city of Cape Town.

South Africa's third-largest city in terms of population, according to the 2007 Census, inhabited by nearly 3.5 million. It is the capital of Western Cape Province and South Africa's legislative capital.
Cape Town was originally a Dutch ship harbour which sailing to East Africa ,India, and Asia, the town emerged in the 15th century, and has been affected by a long history of different cultures such as the Dutch ,Asian ,African and Muslim culture to made it a multicultural place with a special character.

The city passed a long and painful period of apartheid, which ended just 21 years ago in 1990, left in its people and its landmarks effec…

Enjoy the attractions of Spain....

Spain's tourism is one of the sources of national income to Spain's nature ,which give her great fame and wide reputation, the attractions in Spain also considered the backbone of tourism, if you're interested ,we collected you here the best.

-Plaça de Catalunya
From the most famous and important squares in Barcelona and one of the most beautiful squares in the city centre ,there are several cafes, hotels, shopping malls, lots of shops and upscale places.
There are many statues that adorn the walls of the Square with attractive designs . Plaça Catalunya is also home of many theaters and famous brands known by many, is considered one of Spain's tourist landmarks most famous.

-Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
Of the most beautiful museums in Barcelona ,and one of the largest fascinating museums of arts ,is a very famous museum has a distinctive collection of paintings and works of sculpture for Roman art and modern art and many attractive paintings and graphics Rom…

Before traveling to Bulgaria ......

Maybe not caring about many, but it is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe which deserve a visit to exploration ,recreation among beautiful beaches ,and indulging in an ancient culture extends back to the year 681 AD, it's Bulgaria belle European tourism ,which we invite you to learn about it before traveling.


Bulgaria was established in 681, in comparison with neighboring countries is one of the oldest states in Europe, so from the first moment of your visit you will feel you are in front of stunning historical epic worthy of discovery, especially with regard to ancient Roman relics, as well as its fame as a fascinating coastal destination due to its privileged location on the Black Sea, which attracts thousands of tourists annually.

2-when are you going?

The best time to travel to Bulgaria begins with the summer to autumn, this is the perfect time of year for hiking, celebrations and festivals, it is said that September is the best months for tourists to vis…