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Before traveling to Bulgaria ......

Maybe not caring about many, but it is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe which deserve a visit to exploration ,recreation among beautiful beaches ,and indulging in an ancient culture extends back to the year 681 AD, it's Bulgaria belle European tourism ,which we invite you to learn about it before traveling.


Bulgaria was established in 681, in comparison with neighboring countries is one of the oldest states in Europe, so from the first moment of your visit you will feel you are in front of stunning historical epic worthy of discovery, especially with regard to ancient Roman relics, as well as its fame as a fascinating coastal destination due to its privileged location on the Black Sea, which attracts thousands of tourists annually.

2-when are you going?

The best time to travel to Bulgaria begins with the summer to autumn, this is the perfect time of year for hiking, celebrations and festivals, it is said that September is the best months for tourists to vis…