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A trip to amazing tourist places not seen before

Would you like to do odd and amazing tourist trip and visit the strangest and most beautiful places in the world? Do you want to see  photos of the most beautiful tourist places  that have  not seen before? Pack your bags today, you are on a date for a tourist trip to the weirdest and most beautiful tourist places that  have  not  seen .

 1- Wisteria Tunnel
 Of the most beautiful places in the world and the most romantic and charm is the  Wisteria Tunnel
  this tunnel is located in the gardens of the Fuji kawachi in Kitakyushu in Japan. tunnel is a painted painting from  brilliantly beautiful flowering , trees and Roses of different colors and you will feel  when  you are in the tunnel like a piece of paradise ,not in one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

2-The Crooked Forest

If you would like to take  alien  pictures and make a tour in one of the strangest and most beautiful places in the world you should visit The Crooked Forest
 which is located West Pomerania in Poland ,…

Discover Adventure in Egypt

Adventure in the depth of the desert, safari to the western desert oases, and quicksand in the Sahara desert and the Sinai desert are all adventures will glamorous your mind. Accelerate your engine, and driving quad bikes in the eastern desert. Experience climbing mountains of Sinai. Test the camping in the white desert experience than reality.

Discover all the unexpected, diving in the coasts of Egypt will reveal the underwater treasures and spectacular life under the sea. You can choose to go for a visit to the German submarine and dive to see the wreck of the ship nabolionih, or diving in the coral reefs of the Red Sea Or explore the underwater debris in the Mediterranean dating back to the golden age of the Pharaohs until the time of Cleopatra. If you are not interested in diving but you enjoy water activities, take advantage of the wind in Egypt The water-boarding of ships in Safaga is one of the most exciting activities.

Discover a range of adventure trips and start planning fo…

Recreation in Egypt

Enjoy the Sun in Red Sea Riviera resorts, luxury cruise, ship sailing on the Nile River. Surrendered to rest in resorts of the Spa. Stroll along the beaches and enjoy the stunning landscape of the slopes of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the habits of Bedouins, attended a gala dinner in the heart of the desert. Enjoy a game of golf just a few meters from the great pyramids of Giza. Recourse to the open spaces in the deserts of Egypt. Go for a day trip to a nearby National Park for recreation in rich natural environments and unique. Don't miss the experience of snorkeling in the warm waters of the Red Sea to see stunning coral reefs.
  In Egypt ... Comfort in every sense.
Recreational highlights:

1-Spa at port Ghalib-Marsa Alam:

Enjoy fresh meetings that remove all signs of stress and stress which disturb your holiday in Spa at port Ghalib - Marsa Alam. . With the Red Sea presence behind you unleash yourself and swim in one of the private meetings with perfume, treat…

Plans for the new year holiday

While we bid farewell to a year ago and welcome the new year, many of us prefer to travel abroad to celebrate the new year holiday amid fireworks and illuminated Christmas trees, but we usually confused in the choice  between countries, to spend the holiday that comes as a means of recreation and joy to the soul away from everyday concerns and responsibilities, here are ideas to help the traveler to celebrate in joy.

-The "Caribbean Sea" is a classic favorite destination for many of the new year holiday, so is traffic at that time of the year, and then you travel and booking in advance to avoid peak times. There are advised to visit the most beautiful islands such as Barbados, Grenada, Tobago and Jamaica.

-In "Thailand" is new year's day is a wonderful holiday of great value, if you lucky enough,  went to this beautiful country do not miss visiting the island of Phuket is one of the best places to enjoy.

While in Zambia, you will see the most beautiful ceremon…

Best European destinations for short holidays

If you are a fan of traveling to Europe and large cities like Paris, Rome and Madrid, here are some suggestions for your next trip, and you will never forget  and perhaps revert to these destinations over time after discovering the beauty and splendor of the holidays.
1-Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
Andalusian fragrance smells throughout the city, which has assets of Spanish culture, a city  food and horses and flamenco, with celebrations each year around the streets of the old town, where you'll see the spacious streets fantastic buildings architecture, it is also one of the most important cities of ancient trade and crafts and traditional products.
Jerez is known for many important events perhaps foremost( motor siklingh world championship )  held in the first week of May every year, it is one of the biggest sporting events in Spain.
2-Lviv, Ukraine
The market square is the most beautiful and most romantic areas of this beautiful city ,it is no wonder because  it's overlookin…

Ten honeymoon destinations around the world

Each couple seeks to make vacation honeymoon anniversary nice don't forget at the beginning of their lives together, it is a journey in time and start a new life. In the following lines show some of the best places for romantic vacations and honeymoon leave varies among the Islands and the bustling cities and resorts and Safari adventures in Africa and elsewhere
1. the Maldives
place Is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean is not decorated like no other on Earth, so they are a good choice for honeymooners, an irresistible and can consider yourself as someone who was exiled, but the unique paradise on Earth.
The Maldives is an island filled with 26 beautiful landscapes such as the coral islands and white sand beaches and blue waters scenery from each side. There are also luxury resorts, where clubs "Spa" underwater work for 24 hours.
New in the Maldives, the cost of accommodation in some hotels and resorts have become affordable to a large group of couples su…

Prepare for your vacation

One of the items anyone would certainly anticipate to when burial their heads in work for over a year more or less could be a week-long vacation. Imagine obtaining that probability to try to to all the items you had wished to try to to in an exceedingly long term like immersing in myriads of water activities, enjoying the sun, viewing scenic spots, and alternative equally exciting adventures. Bear in mind, however, preparations for any vacation ought to be created means previous schedule so any doable glitches would be decreased .

Among the terribly 1st things that you just ought to do a month or 2 before your planned trip is to decide on a vacation destination. Search the net for common vacation destinations and choose a minimum of 3. bear in mind that a number of these traveller destinations is also out of the country so it\'s vital to acquaint yourself with these places by performing some on-line analysis. try and have a comparison and choose the one that have varied attracti…