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Walk near the sky in China

Is it hard for you to walk on glass? Is it more difficulty if the trip on the glass bridge encircles the edge of towering mountain near-vertical ? For many seem a scary adventure ,especially who afraid of heights ,but it looks from far away an unique experience.
This unique experience offered by new glass bridge around Tianmen Mountain in China at an altitude 1430 m, which opened in 2011 , and gives visitors adventurers of course an exceptional experience , its floors and fence made of transparent glass with a thickness of 6.4 cm gives you an amazing view of the deep Valley and surrounding mountains.

Glass bridge Extends a distance of 61 metres around Mount Tianmen and breadth of 9. Meter, the distance seems short  but the scene from the top is amazing for the Valley and the surrounding mountains ,the visitor should attention so as not to suffers from Vertigo. Because the scary bridge for some and not easy to clean it up, officials asked tourists to wear cover over their shoes to kee…

Dubai from another perspective

Dubai has the best tourist activities in the world with about 10 areas at least . The tourist  to forget the seven-stars hotels and the highest Tower in the world and oddly shaped buildings and unique designs of its kind in the world ,this is the famous in Dubai recently .The city, which was a small village since a few decades is now contains the best tourist activities in the world . The city retains its old virtues along with modern features, so the tourist finds himself busy 24-hour ,has no enough time to experience all the charm of Dubai. 1. City of rich and poor Dubai open for both rich and poor, both of them can enjoy it . Who comes to Dubai on the economy class can enjoy a fully enjoy as also who comes in his yacht,  This is reflected on the city's residents themselves ,who include a category of citizens and some of the wealthy, as well as expatriate workers ,they are either of the medium class or from Southeast Asian countries and  the majority of the poor. But those popu…

Before traveling to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the coolest and most beautiful South-East Asian countries, therefore, it has a prominent place in the hearts of the world tourists who visited or heard about , it is in the forefront of the favorite destinations for travelers in the region, no wonder it is a city with different cultures materialize  in one meaning "Hello everyone" , if you are planning to travel to Malaysia, here are 9 things you should know before leaving.
1. Food
Often mentioned food in Malaysia as one of the main distinguishing features of this country, whether you will take up your food from the stalls of street vendors on the side of the road or in fancy restaurants. The capital "Penang"  is one of the best places to tasting Malaysian food and popular dishes from all over the world such as India, China and Thailand.
2. Weather
Malaysia has a tropical climate characterized by high humidity and high temperatures throughout the year. The average daytime temperatures of 32 ° c …

Quick tours around the world

1-)Capilano Suspension Bridge :
The Bridge of death or "Capilano Bridge"  in Canada height of 70 meters. The trip to the Rainforest on the doors of Vancouver worth the risk, but to reach it you have to cross the suspension bridge with a length of 135 meters. Is chilling because it vibrates strongly, especially when a large number of pedestrians crossing it at once.
Suspension bridge spans 450 feet and 230 feet above the Capilano river in North  Vancouver. But don't worry, even though it sways and creaks , but very very strong. Strong enough to support the weight of ten of military fighter aircraft. Strong enough to handle with about 850000 visitors every year. Powerful enough to handle even a full semester of kindergarten students are walking all over the bridge, you will cross the Capilano river and walk to the other side ,which features a full live forest .
The establishment of suspension bridge was in 1888. created by George Mackay who was insisting on constructive a…