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8 destinations recommended to visit before having children

The presence of children does not mean that you cannot travel , but of course, children need during travel and holidays to special care as well as additional luggage, car seats, ,strollers, diapers packs , snacks , necessary clothing and games , all this will brings you to wonder why we did not travel before having children? Here are eight destinations we recommend you to visit before having children .

-New Zealand:

The scenic wonders of nature in New Zealand makes it at the top of the list of travel before having children, particularly as they journey lasts 13 hours if you are coming from the West Coast, not to mention that those trips typically cost more than $ 1,000 per person.
Long journeys are tough on everyone, and will be more difficult of course on children ,and they will take a long time to adjust to new situations, in addition to this, New Zealand navigation between north and south is a must if you want to see every country, and it would be harder if you have children.

Times Square.....

In New York, the city that was built to be a unique model for commerce, entertainment, amusement, and dreams that know no borders, at the intersection of Broadway, Seventh Avenue ,at 42nd Street in particular ,where "Times Square" is located to witness the passage of nearly 400,000 people daily on its bustling land according to reports issued by the municipality of New York, some of them crosses this walkway on their way to work, some of them working there already, and some of them come for tourism, watch the greatness of urban and commercial that seem "New York. "

The Square was renamed "Times Square" after name "Longacre Square" on eight April 1904 by order of the mayor of New York then "George McClellan" , about three weeks after the movement of The New York Times headquarters to there, is the most popular daily newspaper in the world unchallenged, and its building still number one in this square overcrowded with galleries and byst…

Discover the fun of frozen lakes

Many tourists around the world waiting the winter to practice their favorite tourist activities ,which are available only in this season, most notably is catching fish on the ice also known as the ice-fishing ,where the tourists exploit the Lakes full of fish which turned to ice ,making it easy to walk on it like a solid ground, there is nothing for them tastier than fishing on frozen lakes and then grill on a special stoves.

Of the most famous places of practice the ice-fishing is the Canadian province of Saskatchewan ,where the giant fish ,crystal pure water ,floating ice , fresh air and magnificent scenery. In late December of each year up the winter peak in the province of Saskatchewan central Canada,  which up its boundaries even to the borders of the United States of America, and the temperature reaches to 40 degrees below zero, then the lakes turning into thick icy layers floating ,and under it the Lake water which is a fertile environment for the proliferation of many types o…