Seychelles: make your own destination

A group of the world's largest coral islands in size ,its beaches stretching for miles along the wonderful coasts of quiet bays surrounded by natural coral reefs, and decorated with Palm trees and dense forests filled with rare wildlife spirit ,with the calm that provides complete protection for the privacy of its outstanding visitors of world celebrities as Claudia Schiffer , Robbie Williams ,and Stevie Graf so that the news of the visit remains under wraps in response to the desire of the global community stars and the owners of international companies to attain a bit of comfort and isolation from the noise of the world .This is "Seychelles" , celebrations country, world beauty contests, and luxury tourism.

beaches in Seychelles

Seychelles is composed of 115 islands, 16 of them are uninhabited, all of which enjoy a warm tropical weather year-round, the temperatures between 26-23 degrees Celsius. The local language is "Creole" , people speaks French, English, and some speaks Arabic. Because of the geographical diversity of the nature of those Islands, the various cultures of the populations, and the different origins ,some of the islands look fashionable and some of them still seem traditionally and old , while there are islands between the two types. The movement among the islands accessible by boat or aircraft deployed in tropical forests and green mountains.

Seychelles-Island -hotel

Mahe Island is the mother island, home to the capital Victoria , the only city in the Seychelles, and the only country's port, the smallest capital in the world in terms of size, characterized by beauty and good planning, and embraces a good number of museums, theatres, and fancy restaurants, where tourists can enjoy riding a glass bottom boat to see the depths of the sea including the attractive marine organisms and fish. Either the Praslin Island is about two hours by boat or 15 minutes by plane from the island of Mahe , and of course featuring impressive nature, complemented by rare plants, and embrace the forest " Vallee de Mai " famous as" bird island " , as the most beautiful natural beaches in the entire country.
There are other small islands worth visiting such as Rat, Anonyme , Sainte Anne , Cerf , Long , Round , Moyenne, indicating that these islands constitute the most important national marine parks in the Seychelles.
The average cost per night in Seychelles is $ 750, and some of its hotels considered the most expensive and finest hotels in the world. The cost of accommodation in a six-star luxurious resort "North Island" , which was built at the hands of local population themselves, is more expensive than the cost of accommodation at the Burj al Arab in Dubai. There are islands for rent with all tourism services for wealthy and celebrities at amount of $ 15,000 per night after prior reservation as the island "vilist" ,which is not more than three sq km, and includes a hotel can accommodate up to 16 people only with a swimming pool ,tourist boat ,and tennis court. So the tourism in it for the class able to afford the high cost of entertainment, making it a popular destination for no more than 150,000 visitors each year.
The only downside from the visitor's viewpoint that Seychelles is not an appropriate place to shop, because most of its goods imported and the import duties are expensive , except for some local handicrafts available along the street "Rachel Francis"  in the capital Victoria , and also most shops are closed early in the evening, but the islands still a perfect haven for comfort , relax ,entertainment ,explore new, recreation, and practice the hobbies of sport of rowing, diving, swimming ,fishing and others .  Plus the advantages of hospitalization of some medicines ,which depend on local recipes allow to tourists the opportunity to choose the appropriate treatment method to them after watching a combination of natural ingredients from the territory of the islands , and spend the most beautiful times of romance on picturesque beaches.


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