Montaña Mágica Lodge

South American continent enjoying the stunning nature, where meets in its states all nature elements of rivers ,lakes, beaches, forests and mountains, so thought the businessman Victor Petermann in building an unique hotel into one of the continent's forest, so he headed to the province of Valdivia, southern Chile ,situated on the Chilean-Argentine border , specifically in the area named Huilo Huilo and bought it in full in 1990, and became one of the nature reserves by UNESCO's recognition  from 1999.
Huilo Huilo is a rich natural reserve area in the world , take the form of a triangle, begins from south of the Colorado River in Argentina ,even the Valdivia River in Chile ,can move between the two countries through the joint Lakes between them.
Tourism activity in Huilo Huilo depends on the nature of the mountains, forests ,rivers and snow, where is visited by millions of tourists each year to practice their hobbies, making it a popular destination in Latin America, and now the extinct volcanoes are exploited in tourism ,climbing by bike in summer, or skiing when it icebound in winter .In order to develop tourism, a road was created with a length of 250 km inside the forest dedicated to the expeditions, to track yourself the life of many animals such as  bears, foxes, owls and other birds, and see the waterfalls and the headwaters of rivers, and after the end of a long day of exploration and fatigue you will find hot Lakes for rest and recreation.

Hotel Montaña Mágica. Huilo-Huilo

There is also in the picturesque reserve of Huilo Huilo amid pristine beaches and headwaters of rivers and Lakes, an unique project was established in 2005 ,never existed before,  it has been exploiting the availability of water in this place and used it superbly, where was building a hotel is even stranger in the South American continent, named Montaña Mágica Lodge hotel , a Spanish name means Magic Mountain Hotel .
It is already well, it has been built on a volcanic mountain form emerges from its summit falls water instead of lava. The unique design of the hotel takes you to the magical atmosphere, throughout the summer you can hear the voice of waterfalls which emerge from its crater and covering its body, and lives on the silence of snow throughout the winter, when water freezes and the sound of waterfalls disappears.
The hotel is set in amid an area of 300 acres of forest, and built from natural materials such as timber and rocks, and every corner made by hand without any tools or machines, and has been providing all the entertainment and comfort with fabulous style ,leaves to all visitors memorable impression.

CHILE. Montaña Mágica . Huilo Huilo

The hotel consists of 55 rooms in addition to the ten rustic-style rooms, each room has a large window overlooking the surrounding forests and rare birds of this nature reserve , in addition to big conference room accommodates up to 200 people and equipped with all the modern means of communication , the hotel has a golf course ,children's play room ,in addition to Forest Table restaurant which serves delicious Chilean dishes ,quiet reading room, sauna ,and spa centres.
Access to the Hotel Magic Mountain via a wooden hanging bridge, the first thing that draws the attention of the visitor the hotel decorations from inside, all of it from timber in different species ,colors ,and sizes, and in the middle you will find wooden spiral ladder around long column. Hotel rooms price ranges from 170 to $ 400 depending on the size and location.


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