Before traveling to Bulgaria ......

Maybe not caring about many, but it is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe which deserve a visit to exploration ,recreation among beautiful beaches ,and indulging in an ancient culture extends back to the year 681 AD, it's Bulgaria belle European tourism ,which we invite you to learn about it before traveling.

Belogradchik rocks ,Bulgaria 


Bulgaria was established in 681, in comparison with neighboring countries is one of the oldest states in Europe, so from the first moment of your visit you will feel you are in front of stunning historical epic worthy of discovery, especially with regard to ancient Roman relics, as well as its fame as a fascinating coastal destination due to its privileged location on the Black Sea, which attracts thousands of tourists annually.

Old Bulgaria 

2-when are you going?

The best time to travel to Bulgaria begins with the summer to autumn, this is the perfect time of year for hiking, celebrations and festivals, it is said that September is the best months for tourists to visit the wonders of Bulgaria and enjoy it.

3-what do you see?

Bulgaria offers to its visitors a lot of activities, beginning with wonderful beaches such as the Beach of Sandy, and the most magnificent bays in Europe through to enjoy the wildlife ,horseback riding, and the picturesque lush scenery.

Bulgaria is also teeming with historical monuments interesting for visitors and tourists, including the historical and archaeological reserve of Madara , which includes Madara Rider is a pattern exists on a large rock since the early Middle Ages, and have been included in 1979 on UNESCO's World Heritage list, in addition to the small cave and the great cave which containing some discovered collections returning to the life of primitive man.

The Madara Rider 

Rila Monastery is a symbol of Bulgaria and a favorite tourist destination, built in 1830 and contains 1200 of the wonderful murals.

Rila Monastery

4-very cheap

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest European countries, is the perfect destination for limited budget holders, providing accommodation and various meals at affordable prices compared to neighboring States.

5-Night Life

Bulgaria owns several entertainment at night outdoors among the most beautiful restaurants and delicious cuisines, and the wonderful traditional music that will delight your ears in every cafe or a public place you visit.
The National Theatre, Sofia

6-The language

The official language is Bulgarian, spoken by approximately 84.8% of the country's population, is one of the South Slavic languages, its alphabet was derived from Cyrillic originally ,the number alphabet twenty-nine characters.


If wandered in Bulgaria during the early morning or late at night you will not feel the danger of a real as tourists said, especially if you're in Plovdiv and Sofia, but of course you have to take some usual precautions and avoid remote parts of cities, and take care of beggars and pickpockets in public places.

8-Medical Tourism

Bulgaria is famous for medical tourism dramatically and no opponent in that only a few European countries, with the abundance and diversity of thermal mineral water and spas, the Bulgarian Velingrad is considered the capital of the spa in the Balkan Peninsula.

thermal mineral water

9-Winter sports

Bulgaria is in fact fairly mountainous country, including the Balkan mountains ,the mountains of Rhodope , Rila and Pirin mountains, thus becoming an ideal country for winter sports, may be on your list of the desired destinations next winter.
Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria 


Bulgaria possesses a good transport network, there are buses that serve most large cities in the country, and there are also international bus lines to most European capitals and other European cities.

The rail network also serving all populated places greatly in Bulgaria and is generally convenient, and you can get tickets from the railway stations, and transport offices in various cities and towns.

11-Natural Resources

The oldest gold in the world found in Bulgaria ,it was found in a treasure in the city of Varna and dating back more than 6000 years.

12-The oldest cities in Europe

Bulgaria is home to the oldest inhabited city in Europe: Plovdiv ,not only in Europe ,but it is also the sixth oldest city in the entire world.

Boulevard, Sofia


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