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The sun-drenched Mediterranean island of Ibiza in Spanish is one of the Balearic Islands, offering visitors beautiful beaches, wonderful accommodation opportunities,  natural scenery, and many possibilities to enjoy that, as many reasons to make it your next summer destination. Discovered it.

Ibiza is rather small, which means you will be able to cross the whole island from north to south and from east to west in a single day. You may see the sunrise on the beach in the morning and go to the other side of the island to watch the sunset in the evening.

Rock climbing is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ibiza, but a lot of the cliffs makes it an ideal destination for mountaineering enthusiasts amid breathtaking views of the world's coolest beaches.

Although the diving is amazing in Ibiza, it is not known for being a diving destination, which means that you'll have more time to enjoy diving solo, so it's your chance to discover Ibiza from underwater.

Ibiza has a wonderful climate, even in the summer, the temperature does not exceed 27 degrees Celsius, as the temperature of the sea water up to about 26 degrees Celsius, making it an amazing beach summer destination to enjoy.

Ibiza's capital of the same name, is one of several surprises await you in this stunning island, there you will find many cozy restaurants, exquisite cafes, even luxury yachts. The city of Ibiza has a long history, and is one of the most important historical sites in the world because of its monuments and successive civilizations, and we recommend you to visit the area of Dalt Vila in the historical city centre, consisting of narrow corridors and stairs and cobbled streets and walls of the old castle located on top of the city, as well as the majestic historic towers. Not to mention homes and buildings with impressive architecture, some of which looks like the Arabic civilization that settled on the island for many years.

It is known that Ibiza is a young island, attracting lovers of adventure and relaxation among nature, and therefore is suitable for kids and adults, recreation seekers can enjoy nature in the peaceful north on beautiful beaches, even with children.

Best delicious cocktails and a wide range of Mediterranean dishes you will find in Ibiza. The island has 967 restaurants, so any tourist will find what he wants, whether looking for restaurants on the beach or among the historical areas, or even outdoors in public squares, you can also enjoy delicious sushi or dining with an incredible view of the beach, we recommend you to end your day with a dinner on Cotton Beach.

Ibiza is also the perfect place for a wedding or a romantic trip for couples to enjoy the Spanish Sun, beautiful beaches during the day and do a nice walk through Dalt Vila in the evening with dinner at one of the well-known romantic restaurants on the island. Perhaps eating at the "Amarant" restaurant, located to the west of the island, will allow you to pick the most beautiful moments of sunsets while enjoying a delicious dinner.

Ibiza is famous for its beautiful beaches from popular beaches to beaches ideal for family,  the island has everything, whatever your destination you will be able to exert the most beautiful water sports over the purest and clearest sea water in the world.

Ibiza is known for its luxury villas, ideal for families to enjoy comfortable opportunity in a unique location, where you will have all the modern amenities to meet your needs.

From Ibiza, you will have the opportunity to go out and explore other places, for example, you can rent a boat and visit the nearby Formentera, which is also called the Caribbean island in the Mediterranean Sea, where the water is crystal clear, turquoise beaches and cheerful nature.


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