Top ten beaches in the world

1-Whitehaven beach - Australia :
 This beach is located on the Isle of Wight Sunday , This beach uses the boats only and there are not any constructors for humans. Is a beach of the purest sand beaches around the world, It consists of 98% pure silica ,Do not trying  to think
 to take some of this sand beach where your punishment can be up to $ 50,000 would pay at best.

2-Punalu'u beach-Hawaii :
Beach of black sand ,which was formed as a result of the convergence of the hot lava with cold ocean water and then fragmented and formed the black sandy beach.

3- Nungwi beach-Zanzibar:
 When you walk on the sands of this beach you find it slides out from under your feet smoothly , So that you feel in a quite relaxed such as live in a place of your own , Not part of this world.

4- Trunk Bay -Virgin Island :
You need at times to some places where relaxation and tranquility ,
 The Gulf is one of this places where calm , serenity and beauty, Is located on the island of Virgin in America, a lot of tourists come each year to relax.

5-Santa Monica Beach-California :
The most beautiful beaches in the United States , Where the ocean seems like a diamond crystals , The sun shines on the beach  300 days a year , The pure white sands that make you feel like you're in one garden of God on Earth.

6- Maya Bay- Thailand:
This beach is surrounded by many of the convex limestone mountains with wonderful green cover , This beach attracts many tourists wishing to relax and enjoy the serenity of water, diving underneath.

7-Navagio Beach - Greece:
There is a legend linked with this beach where it says that there are some Smugglers' ships destroyed on that beach in 1980 and left their treasures hidden near the beach to escape the Government and authorities ,so this beach also called the smugglers beach, is pure crystal water , white sandy beach and very calm area .

8- island of kadmat- India:
Despite her beauty, but it is not easy to reach , As it contains only one hotel with a capacity of up to 50 Guest only a maximum , To make a  trip to this island you must be booked in this resort  until you find what you can Spend  the night to enjoy the white sandy beach.

9- Playa Medina- Venezuela:
Enjoy this beach with Green nature of each side ,Full of green palms ,White sand and unique green waters, Is a great destination for relaxation and comfort.

10-beach of anse source d'argent-Seychelles :
The most famous beaches in the world, Is enjoying nature non existent in any of the other beaches with many trees, palms and waters, surrounded by rocks and sands that tend to color of pink.


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