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We'll start with you world tour and travel around various country , Arabic and European to know the features of the country that you visit, to be the beginning in the Kingdom of Morocco.

A State in the far western North Africa , Rabat is the capital , the largest city is Casablanca the economic capital,  the most important cities: Fez, Marrakech, Meknès, Tangier, Agadir. Morocco Overlooking on the Mediterranean Sea to the North and the Atlantic Ocean to the West ,flanking the Strait of Gibraltar , bordered by Algeria to the East and South of Mauritania.
Morocco is the only African country that is not a member of the African Union , left after accepting the Republic Arabic desert democracy as a member , but have a special place in the Union, take advantage of the services offered by the Union countries  , such as the African Development Bank Group.
The origin label of Morocco back to ancient Arabs , where the name means "place of sunset" , as they thought at that time the sun sets in that area of the world. The medieval Arab historians use the term "Morocco" to refer to all regions that constitute the Arab Morocco currently '' Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco '' , they divided these areas into three regions: the lowest morocco '' Tunisia '',the Middle morocco ''Algeria'' and the far morocco or the Kingdom of Morocco Currently .
Europeans used the label derived from Marrakech, French people says Maroc ,Spaniards used the term Marruecos, Turks used the word" Fez" relative to the old capital of Morocco Fez, Persians used the word" Marrakech "is relative to the Kingdom of Marrakech.
Governance in Morocco is a constitutional monarchy democratic , Constitution gives the King broad powers, Spain occupies the Moroccan cities Ceuta and Melilla addition to the Islas Chafarinas, causing this conflict a crisis in the relations between the two countries from time to time .
Morocco is a multiple country in its national components ,linguistic ,cultural, and demographic, this country embraced throughout its history many human elements coming from the East, such as Phoenicians, Jews and Arabs, or from the South, as Africans coming from South of the Sahara Desert, or from the North, as the Romans, Vandals, and European Jews.
All these human components have an impact on ethnic and social composition that became includes multiplicity nationally,  where Mashreq and Andalus Arabs intermixed with Berber majority ,and African minority. Religion: Islam is the official religion ,remains the most prevalent in the State, with a Jewish and Christian minorities.
Pervasive language: Arabic language, Berber, French ,and Spanish. Climate: warm to coastal areas ,hot inside the country, moderate cold in winter.
-The most important tourist cities :
The Economic capital , is the largest city in Morocco. Located about 95 km south of the administrative capital of Rabat.
More than half of Moroccan firms are concentrated in Casablanca and spreads many tourist resorts and hotels ,many intended Corniche Ain Diab, which extends over a wide area and crowded with cafes ,sports clubs ,private beaches to practice all kinds of sports such as water skiing and racing boats and others.
Casablanca have an international airport ,attracts most of the Arabs tourists from youth ,who destinations throughout the year to enjoy its beaches and shops .
Marrakech is a charming oasis on the edge of the Sahara on the one hand ,and cornerstone at the foot of the Atlas mountains on the other hand, any way behave, it will take you to the famous jamaâ el fna square heart of Marrakesh where the daily ceremonies involving many musicians .Marrakesh features mild climate in winter, which brings tourists ,and a group of hotels located amid dense and charming  palm groves .

Marrakech is located  amid an oasis on the bottom of the towering Atlas mountains ,and not far from the Atlantic only 150 kilometers , its landmarks the famous Minaret de la Koutoubia built by Abdelmoumen El Goumi , founder of Almohad Empire in 1147 , Marrakech  includes palaces, gardens and fountains the most famous is El Badi Palace, Bahia Palace, menara gardens and a rare beauty Islamic artifacts , visited by million tourists annually.
Marrakech is not only history that tells in the courtyard of Jamaa el Fna but also Ourika valley in the Atlas mountains for nature lovers ,where snow scene mixed with Palm trees and the stories of the past with the present reality, and authenticity with the new globalization in a wondrous overlap .
Tangier is a beautiful city in northern Morocco, not far from the Spanish beach only 18 km away, where you can see the South Spanish by telescope from the highlands of Tangier ,is near Malaga and Algeciras in Andalusia and also not far from Gibraltar , the most famous landmark is Cervantes Theatre ,the Phoenician Hercules Cave‬، 
 Agadir is a Modern and contemporary city located on the Atlantic Ocean south of Morocco, warm sunshine throughout the year, with cool fresh breeze derived from the ocean and melting snow on the peaks of the Atlas .Agadir has been rebuilt in 1960 after being devastated by a violent earthquake completely destroyed all the old features of Agadir. Agadir attract over one third of Moroccan tourism , the most beautiful beaches of Morocco and the most freedom and wider ,and at the same time, high costs for tourists compared to other tourism cities of Morocco.

5- (Rabat )
The city of Rabat on the Atlantic coast, the political capital of the Kingdom of Morocco ,characterized by beautiful landscapes that makings to be an interface to cruise lovers for comfort and calm, the most important tourist attractions of Rabat Hassan tower and his mosque considered a sign of beauty in the city ,is also characterized by archaeological fences which surround the city ,the most important street is Avenue Mohamed v . 
6-(Fez )
If you want to make tourism trip to see the culture of Morocco ,and its important archaeological and touristic sites , you must visit the Moroccan city of Fez, and its famous attractions and tourist landmarks .Fez is the second largest city in Morocco in terms of size ,is divided into three sections Fez El Bali ,the old city ,and the new Fez ,was built in the XIII century ,new city, built by the French. 
The city of Fez in the far north of Morocco ,and Fez in Morocco is one of the most important monuments in Morocco ,that makes it the perfect place for tours lovers aimed to identify the most important monuments around the world .FES is famous for its archaeological doors, such as, Bab Al-futuh ,also characterized by splendor Islamic architecture ,and several wonderful ancient mosques such as, the Kairaouine mosque .
Places worth visiting :
1- Todra Gorge :
 todra Gorge on the East side of the Atlas mountains , is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Moroccan tourism ,if you love excitement , you will find there what you want from fun Mountaineering and rock walls ,the Valley at this Strait is considered a natural masterpiece and one of the most beautiful in Moroccan tourism.
2- Essaouira :
Essaouira is one of the most beautiful cities of Moroccan tourism  ,and one of the most famous tourist attractions in Morocco ,is a fishing port which gives you an opportunity to calm and relax ,the current city of Essaouira was established in the 18th century ,and is famous for windsurfing ,sailing trips ,and beaches of beautiful white sand and also the old town owns many attractions illustrating Morocco culture of Arts and handcrafts .
3-Drâa Valley :
The Draa Valley is located in the South of the Atlas mountains and is one of the ancient villages which played a significant role in the history and tourism of Morocco, is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Morocco where palm groves and the atmosphere of Moroccan villages  ,Draa Valley intersects with the Draa River in gorgeous scenery can't be described ,and capture beautiful images in one of the most beautiful places in the whole world ,not only in Morocco .

This charming sand dunes are one of the highlights tourist destinations of the world  with a height of about 150 metres, you can enjoy safaris and camel rides and enjoy the vast Orange sand which provides you with a measure of calm and relaxation in one of the most important signs of tourism Morocco.

5-Aït Benhaddou:
This charming place is located in Ouarzazate province  ,is a village in the old caravan route to Marrakech ,and consists of several houses constructed from mud and surrounded by a defensive wall, characterized by simplicity and beauty, it is one of the tourist places witness to history and tourism in Morocco, although most of the inhabitants of this village left for more modern places ,but the village exists  and offer you a clear reflection on the culture and civilization of Morocco.


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