Cultural sights of Egypt : Part 2

1-Valley of the Queens -Luxor :

Valley of the Queens is located on the west bank of Luxor, near the Valley of the Kings, is a place where the wives of pharaohs were buried in ancient times as well as princes and princesses of nobility .
The tomb of Nefertari, the wife and sweetheart of King Ramses II, is one of the most famous monuments, and her cemetery is the most beautiful cemetery in Egypt. All the walls are decorated with carvings representing Nefertari receive guidance and direction from god.

At a distance of one km nearly  from the road to the Valley of the Queens located  Deir al-Medina .The  label "Deir al-Medina" back to the temple of Ptolemy which dedicated to the cult of god Hathor, later become  the residence of monks early Christians. Beside the temple lies the village of workers, is an ancient town of workers and artists , who established the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens tombs living and burying in it .Some of the workers tombs of the beautiful art works that are worth a visit.

2- Temple of Hibis -Kharga Oasis.

Temple of Hibis is a Persian temple was built on a prominence volcanic dating back to  the era of ancient Egypt, it is located about two Km from the Kharga oasis. Many additions have been increased specifically to the temple of the gods Amun ,MUT and  khonso, until the beginning of Ptolemies reign in Egypt. The temple was built on the edge of the lake (long since disappeared). Walk along the street of the Sphinx, and see a series of columns for Nectanebo.

3- The Temple of Dendera -Luxor :
Temple ultra beauty of the Greco era - Roman

Take a tour in the Romanian stalls, cross the huge gate dating  back to the era of Emperor Domitien and Emperor Trajan  ,surrounded by a large fence made of mud brick and then go into the hall like the cave , which the roof settles on columns dating back to the era of the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Do not miss visiting this temple,  which kept on its original shape more than any other site in Egypt. Enjoy vibrant images of the Roman Emperor Trajan , performance the rituals of loyalty and obedience declaration to gods of ancient Egyptian hathor , other mythological reliefs that adorn this Roman-Greek temple .
Dendera Temple is located about  60 kilometres on the west bank of the Nile , opposite the modern town of Qena . The ancient Egyptians call it Iunet or Tantere , was the capital of the 6th nome in Upper Egypt . Known to the Greeks as Tentyris.

4- Bibliotheca Alexandrina
The greatest place for reading in the world
Alexandria Library is the largest place dedicated to reading in the world, with more than 2000 seats for readers and more than eight million books.
The opening of this great edifice ,built as a disc was in 2002.
The building covers with manuscripts and letters in all languages of the world reflects the multicultural and spiritual to library.
Begin the traditional visit to the library in the main hall ,where you will be help to get guide in multiple languages (Arabic, English, French, Italian and Spanish).
The library contains a four permanent museums dedicated to artifacts ,written manuscripts ,former Egyptian President Sadat and the history of science.

 Brilliant feature that library famous for is CULTURAMA, is a display of  Egyptian cultural heritage, where a nine large computer screens are arranged  in a semi-circular network to create a display as traditional war or history panoramas. Thanks to the interaction of the screens together, the presenter can explores 5000 years in the past, by clicking on the specific items and milestones on the screen.

Working hours:

Saturday to Thursday: 11 am-7 pm

Friday: 3 pm-7 pm

5-Serabit El Khadem - Sinai in ancient Egypt :

Red Sea - Sharm el Sheikh
On the Western side of the Sinai , see more scarcity sights left by the ancient Egyptians in the peninsula. Temple of Hathor  'Serabit El Khadem'  is located in rocky mountain region , which is a home to the old turquoise mines ,supplied the Pharaohs with beautiful stones were used in the manufacture of jewelry and gems and blue paint.

You can see the miners ' huts and inscriptions they left on the walls, including photos of the ships that transported the stones to the Nile Valley.

To reach this temple is an adventure ,you will  enjoy Safari with SUV  to reach it, followed by a walk for a short distance.
These scenes are an example of the way used by the Pharaohs to improve the construction methods over time and in the era of all ruling classes, it is a beautiful and amazing  location with a stunning backdrop.

6-Abu Simbel Temples -Aswan :
One of the monuments that you'll be amazed when seen .
The transfer of temples in 1960 was a historic event ,where were threatened with drowning in Lake Nasser at the High Dam. The Egyptian Government has launched with support from UNESCO's a global appeal to help save these massive

landmarks. Was disassembled and moved successfully to place rises about 60 meters up the rock , where originally built .

The Temple of Ramses II is the most famous and the smaller one between the two temples , it was built for his favorite wife Nefertari in the 13th century BC.

Represents the interface of Ramses II Temple four giant sitting statues . The interface is 119 feet, height of 100 feet, the height of each statue up to 67. The main Door leads to the internal interface of the temple with length of 185 feet, is a man-made rocky cave leads to a series of halls and rooms.

The most important feature of Abu Simbel Temple is that was directed in a way to allows the sunlight in the morning to reflected along the internal cave temple twice each year, highlights the statues of the four gods seated deep in the cave.

7-The Temple of Philae -Aswan :

World Heritage site

Philae temple built for the goddess ISIS in a beautiful location with stunning views to fit the original site of the temple, quoted by UNESCO after becoming the construction of the High Dam in Aswan a threat to it . The temple has many shrines and sanctuaries such as Trajan's kiosk ,Pharaoh's Bed and Nectanebo first Hall. You can visit the temple at night to attend the sound and light show.

Opening hours:
October-May: 7 am - 4 pm
June-September: 7 am - 5 pm

8-Hatshepsut's temple -Luxor :

Hatshepsut's temple is located on the bottom of a towering cliff near the West Bank of the Nile. The Temple  is also known as Deir el Bahari , is special for the worship of Amun-Ra, the Sun God. This temple was designed by royal architect named Senenmut. The temple is unique because of its classical designs . You can see long colonnaded terrace filled with rows of columns that reaching some 97 feet height, pylons ,courts ,and hypostyle Hall . Inside the temple,  you can see the Sun court and chapel and sanctuary. The inscriptions on the walls of the Temple of the are  the divine birth story of Queen Hatshepsut and her commercial flights to the Puntland , now known as the State of modern Somalia or Arabian Peninsula.

9-The temples of Karnak -Luxor :
the largest temples in all over the World
The Complex of Karnak Temple includes three main temples, besides  a number of internal and external-temples include the achievements of generations of ancient builders over a period extended for 1500 years. Took about 30 different Pharaoh  in the process of building this site, making it an unique in terms of size ,complexity , shape, and diversity not seen elsewhere , is considered  one of the most sacred places in the new Kingdom.
The ancient complex temples cover a total area of two square miles ,and named "Karnak" is synonymous with the "fortified settlement" in Arabic. The Temple of the Amun, the largest in the complex, is the largest place of worship was built at all.
 It is surrounded by two other massive Temples , dedicated to wife of Amon, Mut and his son ,khonsu. Despite the great destruction of it, remains one of the largest and most sites impressive in Egypt.

10-Souk El attarin -Alexandria :

Souk El attarin , which looks like any traditional market, a maze of narrow alleys and pedestrian streets, filled with all kinds of shops ,spread on both sides of the street, where the merchants sell all kinds of souvenirs ,traditional Egyptian artifacts like hookah and blown glass products with bright colors , jilbab ,spices, and antiques.
Souk el- attarin specializes in antiques, collectors will have a great load of fun ,they will dive into the souvenirs accumulated in each store. But still shoppers should keep in  mind that it isn't allow to export any ancient Egyptian antiques out of Egypt without permission.

The souk is located in the neighborhood of Attarine in Alexandria, on Attarine Street, just a few meters east of the Roman amphitheater.


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