Before traveling to Italy

If you round the streets of Rome and Venice and watched the traditional life style blended with Arts of modern Renaissance , you will change your perception about the beauty and the architectural extravaganza ,it is no wonder ,because Italy is a destination and the dream for researchers of fun ,culture ,and history ,which draw the lines of beauty to this country that will not forget , if lucky enough to visit Italy, you need this tips that will help you enjoy trouble-free.
Planning to travel to Italy requires you to focus on several aspects, Perhaps the most important is your budget, to be able to know the limits of your expenses and not beyond it ,to avoid causing you some problems, especially that this beautiful country is known for its high living expenses, do not rush to spend much money at the beginning of the journey, so that you can enjoy to the end.

The peak tourist season in Italy is June and September, to avoid the busy times you can book tickets for this country during April or May or November, these months will be good to avoid a lot of problems, and will ensure you decline in the costs of hotel accommodation and public life, and do not plan to visit during the last two weeks of August, because the whole country be in special holiday, leading to congestion in monuments and entertainment places of different cities .

Stay in Italy based on the validity period of your Passport, and in general allow for tourists to spend only three months in the country, provided that did not come for other purposes ,such as work or study.

Don't carry a lot of baggage with you to Italy, you won't find who carries it at railway stations, and Furthermore, a lot of luggage will confuses you much during the journey back, especially because you'll have more loads and gifts you purchased during your shopping in different cities.

Rome is a great place to visit, where you will find many cheap hotels ,and restaurants with delicious-smelling, but don't make your nose leads you ,such these restaurants are classified as a high class hotels and can be very expensive, so it is best to get used to eating your food from shops and dining halls.

Landscape - Italy, Night

Do not miss to visit Venice ,while you are  in Italy, and make the camera your friend in this beautiful city, because you'll find in its roads a lot of museums and monuments timeless that will attracts you without a doubt.

Venice City in Italy 

You must know that the existing taxis in front of airports and city streets do not deal only with the Italian or American currency, so you may facing a problem if you don't carry the euro and the dollar, make sure to do so before your arrival to the country ,in general there is inside the stations and major airports in Italy exchange facility .

Public telephones are almost non-existent in Italy,  then you will need to carry a mobile phone for anything you need, from call a taxi to book a restaurant, as well as your need to in case of the problem and need to call emergency numbers,

 so you can buy the Italian local card "scheda" from any shops selling lines of communication deployed across the city and in railway stations and airports.


There are various ATMs in Italian cities, you should before planning to travel contact with your Bank and inquire if you need to get a new password for international transactions or not , and you should know that many banks in Europe accept

 passwords consisting of more than four digits, so make sure you are aware of all the laws and rules.

No problem if you do not know the Italian language, there are many local people able to communicate in other languages such as English, French, German, almost all the hotel staffs speak English, and even be safe when you are in a place where the people speak only the Italian language and various regional dialects, especially in rural areas, do not hesitate to use sign language, and Moreover, if you are trying to learn to speak Italian, it would be much appreciated by the Italians, because they are very friendly people.

Accommodation fees in various Italian hotels high compared with many countries of the world, and starting from about  100 Euros per night, and go up depending on the area and the hotel, costs less whenever headed south.

Travel by train is an ideal way to manage the costs of transportation in Italy, and purchase the tourist tickets will reduce the costs, as you can catch ferries and buses on the move within the same city ,is also equipped with very good facilities.

13-Dress Etiquette:

You must wear formal attire if you invited to business and social gatherings, relationships and social invitations find great resonance among the Italian people , you'll find  them very polite people with simple clothes .
14-Dining etiquette:
If you invited to eat, do not leave table before the others and do not put your hands Down , even if you have completed the dining ,it is improper,  and should put your knife and fork on the right side of your seat at the table, never tire of insisting repeatedly that you do not want more food, so as not to repeat offer the food to you.

Usually the service charge is included in the restaurant bill submitted, however, staff are waiting for you any simple monetary estimate , so don't hesitate to pay tipping if you enjoy the service, applies also to hotel staff and taxi drivers.

Giving gifts such as chocolates or flowers finds wide resonance within the Italian community, but do not covered in black and extend also Daisy becouse these symbols are used in funerals, and make a gift when you visit your host House of the kind.


In Italy are using surnames and titles ,unless invited to use first names only, everyone gets used to using the "senior" for men and "Siniora" to Ms. along with surname, except if they have a specific title, such as a doctor.

Refused an invitation to go to dinner, is inappropriate, unless there are compelling circumstances prevent you from attending, especially that the commitment to basic Italian morals leave a good  impression with whom dealing during your trip in Italy.

Theft and the kidnapping of the bags are common in Italian cities and trains day and night, so you should always be mindful do not even fall into this trap, and lose your Passport, credit cards, tickets and money, to avoid these things ,you should take advantage of the safe deposit facilities at the hotels.


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