Before traveling to France

France is a beautiful country worth a visit for its beauty and fame in the field of shopping, so a lot of world's tourists visit each year, and learn about the various aspects of public life in this community is essential for those planning to sightseeing that Fascinates of seen even once in his life.


 If you plan to stay for two weeks or more in famous cities, it would be useful to learn at least some basic French phrases before traveling to France, especially those that you will use often, such as transportation, food, greet ,and so on . You
must also be familiar with some of the features of French culture so you can indulge in the community without restriction.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France


Paris is the most famous tourist city in France, though there are plenty of other sights worth visiting in this beautiful country, you can visit Alsace and sunny beaches on the Riviera, there is also an unique set of health resorts and picturesque villages and beaches.

There are many easy and economic ways to navigate around France, you only need to study the place where you will go to . If you are planning to visit the village ,can not be reached by train, car rental is the best way .if you are visiting towns, the train stations and railways are convenient and not expensive, and you should know that you need to buy train tickets in advance before boarding , and remains metro and buses of the best systems for mobility within cities.

public transport -Paris-France

4-Talk in public places:

You must reduce your tone of voice when speaking in public places in France, especially that the high voice is beyond the limits of decency and a nuisance to others.


When entering all French establishments you are expected to say "good morning" and "good bye" when you go out, because the people of France are friendly and loving to deal gently.


As a general rule ,France as a whole is an expensive country to spend some time, especially in accommodation ,particularly in Paris, but there is a good range of youth hostels with limited prices ,suitable for tourists, costing about 20 to 30 Euros per night.


Dining in France may not cost you a lot , cannot exceed 15 Euros if you  went to the local markets ,where you will find many bakeries and shops scattered throughout the country.

8-Dining etiquette:

Don't eat with your fingers in France, you should always use the food tools , even in the fast food restaurant, eating on the street of unacceptable practices in this upscale community , you must wait for your host to start first if invited to eat.


Tipping is a social custom in most public French places ,and when paying the invoice, except if the service is really bad . Not exceeding 5% In restaurants and 10% in taxis, hotels vary depending on the level of service provided.


books and music, as well as flowers from the best gifts among members of the French society, and you should make a gift when invited to someone's House, do not present an even number of flowers, as an evidence of bad luck.


Must be eye contact when speaking with another person, because it shows your interest in the conversation , using titles of a social etiquette when you meet someone for the first time.


Theft is commonly deployed in various French cities, so you should pay attention to your bags and your wallet always, and do not leave anything anywhere, especially as tourists come on top of victims of pickpocketing, especially around train stations in suburban areas.


In France, you can buy your medication easily through the different available pharmacies throughout the country, especially in big cities, where pharmacists are trained to diagnose minor ailments,  so  it is useful to describe your symptoms in case feeling a fleeting unwell during your trip.

14-Enter country:

You must have a valid passport if you went to France, visa is not necessary only if you plan to stay longer than 90 days.


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