Tuscany: a masterpiece in the Italian territory

Tuscany region in Italy is famous for its spectacular scenery ,artistic cultural heritage ,and architectural which still cast a shadow over the territory to now, this heritage is the cradle of ancient Italian civilization , not surprisingly, have lived in this place some of the most famous artists in the world at all levels such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.
Tuscany is rich with many important museums such as The Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Uffizi near the River Arno in Florence, and Chianciano Museum of arts in Siena ,and also no lacking of natural beauty , include 120 nature reserves, making it a preferred destination for lovers of natural beauty.
Tuscany region is located in west-central Italy to the north of Rome and to the South of Genoa, extend over an area of about 23 thousand square kilometres. The territory was subject to Roman rule during the third century BC, but with the collapse of the Roman Empire was invaded by Byzantine ,Gothic ,Longobarda and then the invasion of the franc , the territory could not achieve its cultural and political unity ,except under the era of Hugo de Tuscany in the tenth century CE.
The Grand duchy or Principality of Tuscany was founded in 1569 by Cosimo de Medici, in 1737  the ruling moved to Lorena's Family and lasted to 1859. In 1860 the territory became part of the Kingdom of Italy and Florence became its capital between 1865 and 1870, the territory played an important role in the second world war to resist the fascist Nazi invasion.
-Kitchen &costumes
Tuscany is famous for its cuisine, which finds an echo in all over Europe, the most important elements are green beans, fresh fruits  ,and meat derivatives . The region is also famous for its cultivate olive and rice, rich in mineral wealth ,and manufactures which sold in all the neighboring countries, especially regarding clothing and fashion, so that the production of Tuscany reached a quarter of Europe's production of clothing and textiles.
-Archaeological sites

Tuscany is one of the oldest archaeological sites in the world . Six sites in Tuscany have been classified in UNESCO's World Heritage List, including the historic center of the city of Florence , the city centre of Siena, and Cathedral Square in the heart of Pisa ,as well as the central town of San Gimignano in Siena, the town of pienza , and the hills of Val d'Orcia, which support the cultural importance of the district, and contributed to attracting many tourists, attracting Florence alone, the provincial capital, about ten million visitors every year, making it one of the most attractive cities in the world for tourists.

Tuscany region consists of ten provinces all of them famous for tourism and art, in Florence, which serves as an open Museum, you can visit the municipal square with its large balconies .if you went to the middle of the square ,you will find the bronze statue "Giovanni da Verrazzano " the Italian Navigator ,who traveled to the Americas, there is also the most important centres of the drawing in the world.

You can also visit the wonderful rural areas ,which brings to mind the middle ages such as the village of padilla colt bono ,farting and kajol, do not miss to visit the magnificent Roman churches and monuments that stand witness to the beauty of the art of sculpture and architecture, you can also hire a bicycle to explore the hills and villages of Chianti,  if you love the countryside you can visit the countryside of Tuscany on foot.

And don't forget the art cities as Arezzo, Cortona, San Gimignano , Banja Luka. In the town of Arezzo can visit The Piazza Grande and the old city wall. In the province of Grosseto, Grosseto city and the town of sorano, known for its architectural beauty, in the province of Siena, you have the opportunity to visit the city of Siena, which has a large collection of old churches, and finally you can visit the town of Pistoia and Pescia which are considered great works of art in the province of pistoia.


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