Tayrona Park in Colombia: a unique experience on the Caribbean coast

" Unique place " this is more accurately described for the Tayrona National Natural Park in Colombia, the scene there is different and varied where the Caribbean beaches ,desert areas ,and rainforests.
Tayrona is a nature reserve in Colombia ,located north of the Caribbean , and more than 34 km is a part of the city of Santa Marta. The park covers about 30 square kilometers of the Caribbean Sea, and about 150 square miles of wilderness. The park is the second most natural parks in terms of number of visitors, and visited during 2009 more than 211,000 visitors.
Tayrona National Natural Park featuring with large biodiversity ,and unique geographical diversity so that some of its parts rising to 900 meters above sea level, and comprises different areas from the sandy beaches on the Caribbean Sea in the North to the rainforest at an altitude of 600 m on the southern border of the Park, for the western part ,is a barren desert where the hills and spread kinds of desert plants such as the cactus , the central and eastern parts from the Park are more moisture ,and covered by rain forest . The rainy season is during the months of may, June and September to November.
Many travelers are attracted to the beaches of the garden shaded by palm trees and coconut , the beaches of tayrona are most beautiful Colombia's beaches , there are some deep coral reefs that provide opportunity for diving lovers, but require fetching all diving equipment from the city of Santa Marta, where there is no place for rental equipment in the Park.
Tayrona Park hosts many animals about 108 species of mammals, 300 species of birds , and types of organisms rarely found elsewhere. The most important inhabitants in the Park are : type of monkeys called the black howler, the oncilla ,and the deer , over 70 species of bats, as well as the White Eagle, 31 species of reptiles and 401 species of marine and river fish.
 Tayrona park in Colombia is also home to several important archaeological sites, such as those located in the city of Tayrona from the era before discovering Colombia, live at least 400 from indigenous people who are descended from the original ancient people of Tayrona , they have their own societies even now, and still revere some of these sites.
To reach the Tayrona park you should ride the bus for 45 minutes from the central station near the market in Santa Marta, costing the equivalent of 2.64 U.S. $, if you want to go to more comfortable you can take a taxi alone about $ 30.
The paved road ends at the Palomino ,which is the last stop for the bus or any kind of transportation, and then start the non-paved road that leads to the beach and transportation not exceed horses, mules or donkeys, this may be a fun way to do this trip, takes to get there walk 45 minutes.
In the end, the Tayrona National Park is a place contains the remnants of history ,anecdotes and the remains of living organisms, as well as the nature of the charming like the rest of South American cities . A combination like this worth to see .


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