Sydney, the magic of Nature & Adventure

The Australian Sydney city offers to its visitors an unique experience during the journey and during their stay , it is located in the other half of the planet ,so the time differs completely ,seasons, and climate, and above that combines charming scenery, famous landmarks and sense of adventure.
Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia, where it was discovered in 1788,  is the capital of the state of New South Wales , and considered the largest economic center, commercial ,and cultural in the continent . It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and best for living , it has the most distinctive strategic location between the Pacific Ocean and The Blue Mountains ,there is also Port Jackson the largest natural harbour in the world, Sydney includes over than 300 neighborhood continued for 38 local government area.
Weather in Sydney is warm to hot in summer, cold in winter ,and mild in the spring and fall ,where the best season for tourism. Like any city in the southern part of the world ,the winter in Sydney during the summer months in Europe ,America ,Arab states ,and states of the northern part, the winter months in Australia: June, July and August, spring: September, October, and November, fall: March, April, and may, and summer: December, January and February.
-Sydney Opera House. The flower of the ocean:
Do not complete the overall picture of the Australian city without Sydney Opera House, such white flower carefully cultivated on the shoulder of the Pacific Ocean, which derives its permanent splendor from it ,despite the multiplicity of natural features in this icon city , but the visit to Sydney Opera House at Circular Quay area still one of the key priorities for tourist trips to there.
Sydney Opera House classified as one of the most beautiful theaters of the world, designed by Danish architect in 1956, it was constructed of reinforced concrete and steel cables to prevent cracking, and most characteristic the design is the biggest challenge of reducing acoustic echo problems, to avoid its influence on music shows.
The idea behind this great cultural landmark , that the Opera House does not have to be confined to the elite of society, but it would be useful to be the focus of the attention of various layers, thus the lounges are spacious to accommodate large numbers of audiences up to 5,000 spectators, which was not available before, the House contains five theatres host major theatrical works, opera performances ,and concerts.

Sydney Opera House

-Adventure Harbor Bridge:
Sydney Harbour Bridge ,the building in the form of iron arc ,since its construction in 1932 still tops Guinness World Records as the longest and widest bridge at all, and the fifth longest curved bridge in the world ,and remained until 1967 the highest architectural design in Sydney, where it rises 134 meters above sea level, allowing you to see a panoramic views of the whole city.
The climbers must wear special clothes over their personal clothes , undergo a special test to measure the level of alcohol in the blood, sign the insurance form  and pass through a metal detector , they are also subject to quick training by competent persons in climbing bridge to escorted them to the top of the bridge and take memorial pictures for them at high point  ,where not allowed any person to carry any type of cameras during the climb under the laws of public safety ,climb the bridge takes about two hours from the starting point.
The idea of climbing the bridge was started for the first time in 1998, until today ,received more than 4.5 million tourists from all continents, including hundreds of brides making their wedding parties at the borders of the sky.

Sydney Harbour Bridge at Australia

-Sydney Tower:
Just steps from the bridge there is a very pretty garden overlooking the sea, named Royal Botanic Gardens, where different types of plants, birds and perennial trees, is a magnet for visitors who frequent it to taking souvenir photos , and by crossing it you can access to Sydney Tower the second tallest tower in Australia after Melbourne tower .
Visitors intended Sydney tower to standing in the top of skyscrapers on ( Sydney Tower Skywalk ) at an altitude of 268 metres above sea level, it is a circular glass arcade at the top of the Tower allows visitors a panoramic view of 360 ° of Sydney, and are prepared visitors to rise by wearing special clothing and use of safety belts.

Close to the upscale shopping street Market Street , can be reached by foot and just crossing The Water Bridge to Darling Harbour ,from here ,you can access to the main streets in the center of the city, such as George Street, Elizabeth

Street and Pitt St the most famous street in Sydney, where shops of different brands ,range of restaurants and cafes.  You can complete the trip via boat to "The Rocks " ,which combines the historical buildings showing the successive epochs of

 the country since their indigenous era "Aborigines " before the 17th century.

Queen Victoria Building ,one of the best markets in Sydney ,a wonderful historical building housed group of overlapping business centers with each other ,and can be reached by train from the station of Town Hall.  Westfield Bondi Junction, is also one of the most important commercial centres, a branch of the chain deployed in Australia, America and Britain.
-Family tourism in Sydney:
Fits travel to Australia generally , particularly Sydney the children ,where tourist facilities that specially prepared for family tourism, starting with the marine exhibition and its various fish species and marine organisms. As well as the giant Sydney Aquarium ,The Zoo "Taronga " , is just 12 minutes by ferry from the city ,and Wild Life Sydney Zoo , as well as the Luna Park - the amusement park designed in entertaining style , Sydney is also characterized  by its beautiful  beaches ,where Australians known for their love of surfing. The most important beaches Bondi Beach, Palm Beach, Manly beach.


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