The mermaid of Caribbean

Jamaica island is the most vital and beautiful of all the English-speaking islands in the Caribbean Sea region, not because it has many beautiful beaches and luxury hotels, but also has more than that, it is rich in its history ,different types of arts and culture, and distinctive music.

Jamaica’s Best Beaches
We can say that the Caribbean experience in the world of travel and tourism industry can be found in Jamaica, this charming island gathered various customs, traditions and cultures from all over the Caribbean in one pot. Perhaps the best time to visit Jamaica when the weather is at its worst and most cooler in Europe and the Middle East, specifically during the period between mid-December and mid-April, this period is the driest throughout the year in Jamaica but the prices are at its peak, so some of those who are planning to travel in this period may reconsider and go there during the three-month period ending in July,  when hotel rates begin to decline by a third, and the weather is not much different. Though the summer months are hot but they also damp sometimes ,and some tourists maybe avoid  go to the island in September and October because of the risk of hurricanes.
-The historical and geographical background of the island
Jamaica is an island State, part of the Greater Antilles, with an area of 11,000 square kilometres, and is located in the Caribbean Sea to the south of Cuba and west of Haiti and the island of Hispaniola which overlooks the Dominican Republic.
The indigenous people of the island are speaking Arawakan and Taíno and they called it Xaymaca island , meaning the "land of wood and water" , or the "land of springs" . The island was formerly a Spanish colony and then switched to a British colony under the name of "Jamaica" , the island is inhabited by about 2.8 million people, is the third country in terms of the number of English-speaking population in North America, after the United States and Canada. It remains a state of the Commonwealth countries headed by Queen Elizabeth II, and its capital is Kingston.
-The most important beaches in Jamaica

There are several beaches that can be classified as the most important and most popular on the island ,which has gained wide international fame as a tourist attraction for visitors of various nationalities of the world such as: Negril Beach which is considered a model of classic beaches in the Caribbean . This beach stretches for five miles of soft white sand to the west in the face of the sea . In recent years,  most parts of Negril Beach was developed , and built on its extension a dozens of bars and restaurants serving not only foods, but also offers musical performances and lyrical night in an atmosphere of charming nature where you can watch the sunset over the horizon of the sea.

There is also a beach known as the " Doctor's Cave Beach " in Montego Bay, and because it is the original public beach in Jamaica, has been beautifying and improving in recent years. It features a soft white sands on spillover, and punctuated by rows of palm trees and a series of shops with multiple activities, and the most beautiful natural scenery in beach the sunset moment.
Finally, there is a beach Frenchman's Cove in Port Antonio, and considered the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean, a small spot of sand surrounded by a number of small lakes where you can swim in it too, it seems attractive and quiet when waves receding .
-Famous tourist attractions
Jamaica has a lot of recreational activities, and is truly enjoyable tourist destination worthy of discovery, either individually or through the many excursions offered by hotels and advertised in magazines and brochures.
In addition to excursions in the Caribbean, scuba diving and sailing boat cruises daily at sunset, Jamaica has a wide range of cultural and historical attractions, including the " Devon House" is one of the most famous tourist attractions in island's heritage . It also is organizing trips to farms, and the Blue Mountain region famous for the sugar mills and coffee, as well as trips to the capital Kingston to watch Bob Marley's legendary studio and home.

And more recently evolved the options of adventures such as climbing and swimming between the beautiful waterfalls and rivers, horseback riding in the forest ,cycling trips and tours into the rainforest.
-Botanical Gardens
One of the most popular attractions to visit in Jamaica is the Botanical Gardens with exotic shapes and colors that reflect the beauty of plant life on the island. There are flowers that resemble the claws of crabs, birds of paradise and just rub your hand a sheet of citrus tree and you can smell the aroma of the fruit, each shrub used for various purposes in medicine, decoration or other practical purposes. Among these gardens which can be visited two in the Ocho Rio : Shaw Park and Gardens Cuiabá Rover .
-Shopping in Jamaica
Unlike most Caribbean Islands, which imports most of its material with the intent to sell, Jamaica has a large space enough that makes its indigenous inhabitants can produce a variety of goods and products worth buying. At the present time ,the Jamaicans become have their distinct production lines in the sauces, spices and soaps, for example, and some prominent artists and sculptors also manufactures sculptures and forms of wood , as well as many craftsmen and women workers.

In the city of Montego Bay there is a market for selling handicraft products and also some shopping malls, including the Mall "City Center Plaza, outside the city center there is the famous center " half moon " , in addition to the many cafes and shops.


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