The jewel of England

If you plan to travel to Britain soon, why not visit Cheltenham town « the jewel of England » , about 100 miles from London and close to the city of Oxford university . Cheltenham is a city of wealthy and celebrities and businessmen which is famous for its mineral springs famous in the world, as well as the elegant and luxurious buildings built in the reign of King George III, who was a big fan of the city and was frequented by many , therefore ,it is considered a royal city par excellence, and since the discovery of the springs in the year of 1716 become a destination for those interested in healing and also enjoy the health benefits of this mineral water and other good advantages .

The city took its name from Chelt River flowing near the unique royal architectural character of Regency ,is a favorite place for Arab tourists wishing to getaway from the hustle of London to enjoy nature and beauty or shopping and exploring the atmosphere of the classic English countryside that surrounds Cheltenham and world-renowned.
The whole area is characterized by low population ,therefore it depends mainly on tourism and the global interest in its history and famous heritage.

Cheltenham Festival Gold Cup
Cheltenham is a city of festivals par excellence, where a special Festival is held almost monthly throughout the year, most notably is the music festivals, especially jazz  as well as the art festivals for drawing & sculpture ,and the literary festival which is considered the oldest in the world, sponsored by " The Times " British ,but the most distinctive festival is the horse racing festival held in March each year and its peak in the Gold Cup competition attended by more than 100,000 people, including some Arabs celebrity amateur enthusiasts of this sport.
Queens Hotel is one of the most important hotels in Cheltenham , which follows the Group «Mercure» famous. It is considered more difficult to book a room during the season of festivals because it is located in the city centre, overlooking the spacious courtyard «Promenade», which oversees parks very beauty and luster. Renovated finally where it goes back to the year 1838 thus is one of the oldest hotels in Europe.

Queens Hotel Cheltenham
The hotel is the focus of writers, artists ,and men of politicians and literature ,despite extensive renovations, the hotel still maintains its architectural character and heritage , where its courtyard surrounded by large dome is the heart of the entire place.
You can also visit Cotswolds area near Cheltenham, which is characterized by charming nature ,valleys ,mountains and farmlands that stretch in sight, tourism officials say that this part of the English countryside world-famous is open for Arab tourists, and some Arab businessmen started to frequent it already either to relax and enjoy its beauty or for contract deals include the purchase of luxury real estate and farms, but their number still a little.

Broadway is the most beautiful villages of Cotswolds and the best known internationally ,which was the scene of the famous Hollywood films ,because it depicts the classic English countryside and its buildings like the rest of the region's buildings are made of a special type of brick hazel color . The area is famous for raising cattle, sheep and thus the wool trade, and are inhabited by an ancient aristocratic families lived from generation to generation. Most of the population works in agriculture or in tourist facilities and famous restaurants and hotel which increase gradually in the region due to increase the tourist demand from around the world.
But the strangest village in the area is Stanton ,with a population of no more than one hundred people, and feature colorful houses ,and luxury ancient palaces .You can't live in this village only after approval by the council of its inhabitants who are keen to remain confined to a particular type of wealthy ,plantation owners and prestigious families of domestic assets.

And exists in the region and in each village restaurants and luxury hotels that attract tourists ,particular the American tourist who loves this unique atmosphere, thus it is difficult to book a room at one of these hotels during vacations and holidays. The tourists of u.s. compete the tourists from Japan who knew the region over the past few years, so they are anxious to take souvenir pictures in this unique village in nature.
Montclair is an upscale neighborhood and one of the most important districts of Cheltenham ,which surrounds the Queens Hotel in the city centre and features the most famous restaurants, caf├ęs and luxury shops ,therefore it is teeming with tourists and visitors from around the world, especially in the evening.
The most famous restaurants in the neighbourhood is the restaurant «Black» ,managed by a senior French chefs. The restaurant offers French and European meals as well as some food items from the Mediterranean region.
Although Cheltenham does not have prominent tourist sights high as great capitals like London, Paris and New York, but it has attracted tourists since two centuries , particularly interested in healing of its famous mineral waters and known of good many benefits.


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