Gibbs Farm .. Pure Nature in Tanzania

Gibb's farm story begins in Northern Tanzania in 1929, which was then coffee fields surrounded by hills ,mountains and lakes, where some Germans settled there and expanded its borders to become adjacent to the nature reserve "Ngorongoro" and built the first country house, which is considered the first hotel in the North of Tanzania, and after World War II devolved to the British Government  .In 1948 the British James Gibb bought it ,and from that day carries his name, James regained its old activity in coffee cultivation and added several other farms with his wife Margaret.

Gibbs Farm 
Over the years thinking is changed to exploit Gibb's Farm and its picturesque nature in tourist beginning since 1972, and built many rural homes surrounded by fruit , coffee and tea farms, and a stone road has been paved to crosses the farm from beginning to end for tourists to reach all rural homes ,where you can reach the homes without a guide, the homes are of two kinds; ordinary rural homes and other modern newly built in 2008 called the farm houses ,which characterized by spacious area, luxurious furnishings and panoramic windows, each house is surrounded by an especially flower garden, as it is equipped with a fireplace, a kitchen and a bathroom.

Gibbs Farm 

Gibbs farm containing many wonderful places and open to visit, such as dense forests on the slopes, plus the cave elephants entering for $ 20, there is also in the farm "Spa" known as Maasai, and uses old style different from prevailing in many resorts, based on natural substances and herbs.

Gibbs Farm 
Gibbs farm includes 30 acres dedicated to coffee growing, ten acres for organic fruits and vegetables , fields of rare flowers, factories of various dairy products, plus a rare trees and perennials ,which can buy seedlings from them. Tourists choose to eat what they like of vegetables, fruits, herbs ,other organic fresh products , there is also a place dedicated to breeding bird with 220 species of birds, as there are a two-hour trips to visit waterfalls and Lakes nearby and paddling in it.

Gibbs farm is a wonderful opportunity for lovers of walking into the forest without cars or bikes, wherein safe walk trails connecting different parts of the farm, you need to almost seven hours to visit all the attractions.

The officials on Gibbs farm are keen to provide ideal environmental atmosphere, as growing insect repellent plants instead of using pesticides, also uses treated water for irrigation, and empty bottles and remnants solid waste of tourists are converted to organic materials after recycling, in addition to producing 90% of electricity by solar cells to reduce pollution and for fuel, and all the homes and buildings of the farm made of local wood.


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