Limassol ....Impressive land

Limassol is the largest municipality in Cyprus and one of the largest commercial ports in the Mediterranean, as well as being one of the most important centers of marine ,tourist ,service and commercial in the wider region.
Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol was built between the two ancient cities Amathus and Kourion, and here you can see the rich Cyprus ,diverse history ,traditional culture, and golden past , therefore the experience of stay in this beautiful city will be definitely a great experience.

Limassol is the commercial and financial centre of Cyprus with a large number of domestic and international companies that are surrounded by hotels, restaurants and multiple entertainment places .

The city is always a popular tourist destination offering visitors the opportunity to experience a variety of cultural activities, including a visit to museums and archaeological sites that date for ages Byzantine, Ottoman and modern times.

The city attracts a lot of visitors every year, who come to discover the beautiful beaches which offer many water activities like scuba diving, waterskiing and furthermore, the city is famous for its great historical and archaeological sites, perhaps most famously the historic castle dating back to the 10th century ,which was witnessed on the marriage of Richard the Lionheart , and now has become a huge museum of the most important medieval collectibles, plus the old Castle Kolossi ,14 km west of Limassol to Paphos , is a fine example of ancient military architecture ,especially it was built originally in the 13th century, and was reconstructed later even looked into what it is now.
Kolossi Castle 
For lovers of museums do not miss to visit the archaeological museum which houses an important collection of Antiquities found in Limassol area from Neolithic to Roman times, as well as the Municipal Folklore Museum which chronicling the Cypriot folklore heritage during the nineteenth and twentieth century, with its traditional clothes and national costumes.

Among the remains of historical buildings : Amathus ,is a clear indication of fragrant rich and diverse history of the island Cyprus, and no wonder it is one of the few kingdoms that stood bravely through time, and the ruins of the old town and the wonderful old buildings highlighted proof of this.

City of kourion is one of the most enchanting archaeological sites in Limassol, Cyprus, this wonderful old town dates back to the 12th century BC as one of the most beautiful cities around the Mediterranean with its rare archaeological collections ,and perhaps the most important is the theater overlooking the stunning coastal views go back to the Greek-Roman times and now has been fully renovated.
Kourion Greco-Roman theatre
For outdoors researchers , they will have the opportunity in Limassol to enjoy the long sandy beaches, and the Mediterranean is warm enough for swimming throughout the seasons of the year. The beach "Dassoudi" is the main tourist beach, which provides several services for vacationers, as well as a great selection of shops and bars, this beach offers a wide range of water sports.

Dasoudi Beach-Limassol 
Some public parks on the waterfront have a large collection of statues carved by sculptors from a large number of countries, including Greece, Egypt, Germany and others.

Limassol offers the experience for enthusiasts of shopping to a variety tours amidst a wide range of shops, from tourist gift shops and stalls of handicrafts and clothing stores and various libraries. The main shopping areas are located in the city centre and along the Corniche.

Limassol Carnival Festival

 Limassol Carnival is one of the most popular events and festivals in the city, notwithstanding it is back to the 19th-century, it attracts thousands of people every year, both from locals or visitors.

As the Ballet Festival is held every year in the Limassol municipal Garden Theatre, and is one of the most important traditions that allow visitors the opportunity to see some of the world's most famous ballet along with other shows.


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