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Many islands scattered throughout the world's oceans and seas may characterized by scenic nature and pure air ,in addition to the tranquillity and solitude ,which helps to create a perfect atmosphere for anyone looking for rehabilitation and relaxation away from the fast life rhythm and its responsibilities.
Galapagos islands

 These may be qualities and characteristics general for all the world's islands ,but for the group of Islands "Galapagos" , the reason of its fame is closely related to the theory of evolution to Charles Darwin ,because the most controversial scientist in human history has done his studies and research there on the land of these islands ,which adds a special taste and elegance.

Galapagos islands

Galapagos Islands is an archipelago of islands located 1,050 kilometres west of Ecuador's coast, and politically it is a province of Ecuador and its capital "Puerto Baquerizo Moreno" ,the archipelago consists of 13 large volcanic island, 6 smaller islands ,and 107 rocks and islets distributed throughout the Pacific along the Equator. The official language of these Islands is Spanish and have a population of just over 25, 000 inhabitants.

It is believed that these Islands formed since about 5 to 10 million years ago due to volcanic activity in the heart of the Pacific Ocean ,so you'll find most of these islands composed of volcanic peaks. These Islands knew in the past :as an enchanted islands, and considered refuge for the survivors of the sunken ships . visit the Islands Galapagos about 60,000 tourists a year.

Galápagos Giant Tortoise 

Live at these Islands birds and exotic animals ,from it a rare type of sea crow could not fly, Penguin which is rumored that sparsely populated only in the Antarctic, and Gramophone a type of bird unknown elsewhere.  There are huge turtles weighing more than 230 kg , so launched, the Galapagos on the Islands ,a spanish word synonym for turtles, there are also the "iguanas" ,is one of the only lizards in the world that can swim, and the birds "heron" ,in the year 1835, Charles Darwin has done a complete study of the animals found in 15 main island .

The climate in these islands is highly variable, there are two seasons in the islands : hot rainy season with high humidity relatively in the period from December to June, and the average temperatures are around (26 °-30 ° c).

And from June to November seasons are cold ,where temperature less and increase the speed and activity of the cold wind ,the peak season for flights is usually from December to May, where the sea calmer and weather warmer.

Diving is one of the most important activities there ,you can get the scuba equipment from divers who will be with you in your diving trip ,may also need to bring a waterproof camera ,diving also will give you a good chance to see many aquatic animals close-up such as fish, sea turtles and sea lions.

-There are two ways of diving in the Galapagos Islands:

Diving daily with local tourist dive tour operators from Santa Cruz, Isabela and San Cristobal.
From the islands of "Darwin" and "Wolf" and those are the most important locations for diving ,and attract a large number of divers and those interested in the sport worldwide.

One of the most important sites also on the islands is the "National Park" ,which has a strict laws applied during the visit, and allows only for visitors to visit from sunrise to sunset , journey paths must be registered with the officials of the park before the start of the journey, and you should not disturb the animals, the general rule of the Park is that the animal must not observed your presence while watching ,and you should stay away distance of not less than two meters from the animals.

When travelling to the Islands, do not bring any plant or animal of your own with you, make sure you clean your shoes always when traveling among islands to avoid transferring seeds by mistake.

Poaching is another threat to the Park, and illegal fishing of sharks and sea cucumbers occur widely and the number of fishermen has risen rapidly over the past few years, while the number of fish has dropped a lot.

The last major threat to the park is the growing population.  Although the new rules preventing persons from outside the Islands to live and work, but there are still some abuses.

-The main islands are:

-Baltra Island, also known as "South Seymour" , a small island located in the centre of Galapagos Islands, before 1986 there was a single airport in Galapagos existed here in Baltra Island ,exists also on this island "iguanas" which returned here by artificial propagation after extinction on these islands.

-Bartolomé Island: located off the east coast of the Islands ,is one of the latest islands of configuration in the archipelago ,this island was named after friend the world of nature and life Charles Darwin "Bartholomew James" , who was a Lieutenant aboard Beagle.

-Darwin Island: this island is named after Charles Darwin ,with an area of 1.1 square kilometres ,and here living fur seals, iguanas ,swallow-tailed gulls, sea lions, whales and marine turtles.

-Española Island: so named in honor of Spain ,with an area of 60 km2 and a maximum altitude of 206 meters. It is considered the oldest in the island chain of about 3.5 million years, there are a large number of animals in this Island ,but still isolated from the rest of the Islands.

-Isabela Island: this island was named in honor of Queen Isabella ,it has an area of 4,640 km2, is the largest island in the archipelago ,the island formed on the seahorse shape as a product of the merging of six large volcanoes into a single land ,on this island there are penguins, marine iguanas, pelicans, crabs.

-North Seymour Island: its name was given after nobleman Lord Hugh Seymour.  It has an area of 1.9 km2, the island is home to a large number of gulls and has one of the largest populations of frigate birds.

Islands can be reached by flights relatively easy ,from Quito and Guayaquil daily to the Island Airport "Baltra" , the airport is 20 minutes from the centre of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno , which is the capital of the archipelago.

If you want to see wildlife in the Galapagos Islands ,it will be by boat ,book most people in the boat so early because they are usually full during the season, you can book a boat tour with one of the companies through the Internet, is usually the most convenient, but often much more expensive.


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