Plans for the new year holiday

While we bid farewell to a year ago and welcome the new year, many of us prefer to travel abroad to celebrate the new year holiday amid fireworks and illuminated Christmas trees, but we usually confused in the choice  between countries, to spend the holiday that comes as a means of recreation and joy to the soul away from everyday concerns and responsibilities, here are ideas to help the traveler to celebrate in joy.

-The "Caribbean Sea" is a classic favorite destination for many of the new year holiday, so is traffic at that time of the year, and then you travel and booking in advance to avoid peak times. There are advised to visit the most beautiful islands such as Barbados, Grenada, Tobago and Jamaica.

-In "Thailand" is new year's day is a wonderful holiday of great value, if you lucky enough,  went to this beautiful country do not miss visiting the island of Phuket is one of the best places to enjoy.

While in Zambia, you will see the most beautiful ceremonies, you will have the opportunity to do safaris in South  Angoua National Park  , visit magnificent  Victoria falls. "India",  are lit in the temples and forts, and is open to the public amid the beautiful Christmas trees.

It is also recommended to visit Egypt "at the time, where the weather is mild, excellent hotels and modest price, this is the perfect time for sightseeing and combine the pyramids and Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.

And in the north of the Canary Islands, "Madeira" is amazing place to celebrate Christmas, and enjoy a walk on the beach, and eat outside the home and learn about the local culture.

if you visited "Dubai" at the end of the month of December will reap a mix of benefits of shopping and entertainment in that one, and you have the choice to stay at a luxury hotel in the city itself, or to stay  in the desert in the charming Al Maha Desert Resort.

You can visit the "Saudi Arabia" " and watch the vibrant atmosphere and splendour during the celebrations, , as in "Oman", which will enjoy visit Zighy Bay, experience the adventure tours.

-"New York" is one of the places preferred by tourists to celebrate, and enjoy a walk in times square and watch the busy streets and brightly lit by  Christmas tree  the longest in the world ,which  you'll find  at Rockefeller Center.
As you will see the beautiful exhibitions and parades along the streets of the city of Rio de Janeiro ", involved men, women and children in the celebrations .  Making it one of the best destinations to celebrate the Festival in the world. "Rome" traditional Christmas celebrations for its visitors, beautifully decorated churches in preparation for the holiday season, and fireworks lit streets with cheerful colors, odors and smells of chocolate cakes from all over the place.

The best destinations for new year celebration for the families, "Costa Rica" where rainforest and tours will be great and, also applies to "Vietnam" and "Sri Lanka", and recommended the inclusion of "China" and "Kenya" in these destinations.

Visit "South Africa" and "Tanzania" awonderful opportunity to use the holiday to do safaris and experience the Wildlife amid  different animals.

And what about "Mauritius", which provides multiple trips and wonderful hotels, with many clubs for children free of charge. And "Maldives" also has a number of resorts that cater to children during this holiday.

"The Netherlands" is a beautiful place with a rural lifestyle mixed with urban living, where fields of colorful tulips, scenic and agricultural land. As the city of lights, Paris is the perfect family destination to spend this holiday, under the sky lit by fireworks at night, shopping under the sunshine during the day.

If you want to enjoy winter in New Year holiday, you have a great opportunity to visit the "Iceland", seeing glaciers including hot springs, volcanic craters,magnificent  waterfalls. And the city of St. Petersburg in Russia even more beautiful in the meantime where the accumulation of ice on sidewalks, frozen rivers.

And skating on  frozen rivers. "Finland" is also from the country where you'll see  snow ,Santa Claus speaks all languages and celebrates with  all and offering them gifts, and even allow them to assist him in making traditional biscuits for your holiday celebrations.

In the case were not you have a desire   to celebrate Christmas in ice, "Sydney" opportunity for sea lovers to enjoy musical performances on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, with the best local foods such as fruit and cups of chocolate in the main streets and squares, as well as see the Royal procession wonderful cheerful summer atmosphere.

Holiday with the family can be a wonderful experience, from the memories that bring family and friends to the joy and enjoy the celebrations, here are some tips that will make your trip more enjoyable:

1. If you plan to spend this holiday, be sure to wrap your gifts early, especially if you take them with you on your journey,place  each gift  carefully, especially if they are fragile, to avoid breakage or other damage at the airports.
2. make sure the mapping mode to enjoy for everyone in the family, before finalizing any details, you should sit down with the whole family, and make sure that everyone has  the  will to achieve objectives during the flight.
3. If you plan to do many activities at your destination, the  weather  forecasts  must be checked  to put necessary precautions in mind.
4. you need to book and buy tickets early ,especially  airlines and other transport forms tend to congestion especially near the holidays, make sure you arrive at the airport early. As well as  if you are travelling by train.


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