Best European destinations for short holidays

If you are a fan of traveling to Europe and large cities like Paris, Rome and Madrid, here are some suggestions for your next trip, and you will never forget  and perhaps revert to these destinations over time after discovering the beauty and splendor of the holidays.
1-Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
Andalusian fragrance smells throughout the city, which has assets of Spanish culture, a city  food and horses and flamenco, with celebrations each year around the streets of the old town, where you'll see the spacious streets fantastic buildings architecture, it is also one of the most important cities of ancient trade and crafts and traditional products.
Jerez is known for many important events perhaps foremost( motor siklingh world championship )  held in the first week of May every year, it is one of the biggest sporting events in Spain.
2-Lviv, Ukraine
The market square is the most beautiful and most romantic areas of this beautiful city ,it is no wonder because  it's overlooking the entire city, and the surrounding streets with  carved facades and beautiful churches, and historic center of the city is under the protection of UNESCO since 1998.
"Kroshiniltska Opera" in  bevliv one of the most famous and most beautiful theaters in the world where there are  Shows of  famous European  plays and concerts.
Nightlife is also good in this city, with charming cafes, open to all visitors.

3-Saint-Malo, France
Enjoy the  charm ( San Malo French) , with its stunning beaches allow you to enjoy the Sun during the day and Moonlight at night, you can hire tents for recreation.
City of St. Malo is one of the largest cities combine restaurants and seafood in Europe  and  famous for local   oysters from  village called kankal.
This wonderful city has many attractions as well as plenty of activities to do, whether you visit the city for the weekend or passed to them during your trip in France, there are different options to travel to reach the San Malu, but remains the most popular marine gateway, you can ride from the South coast of the UK or Channel Islands.
4-Akureyri, Iceland
Akureyri is really a country overflowing with natural beauty, is the second largest city in Iceland, after Reykjav√≠k area, as well as being an important port it has many major attractions, from the picturesque nature and attractive cafes that make you feel you are in the heart of Paris with  excellent service that  received praise  from travelers, not only  this but also includes the vibrant  restaurants at night.
in general the local population are friendly in Iceland , visitors feel that they are at home mother but with different appearances and features only.

5-Rotterdam, the Netherlands
As well as being the second largest port in the world, Rotterdam is home to the most   beautiful  Global arts, at night, arise this coastal city and open cafes and  excellent international restaurants to receive visitors in a smile and greeting, and during  the day will allow you to visit the famous windmills that dot the area, kinder Dyke , and watch the most beautiful  landscape.
Advised visitors to Rotterdam to rent bikes to explore the city and its attractions in open air, and do not miss visiting the famous museums of Netherlands   foremost natural   history museum and the Maritime Museum.

6-Perugia, Italy

Perugia, a city in Central Italy, capital of the region of Umbria, and is considered one of the most beautiful Italian regions, comprising a mixture of world architecture over the centuries, they also have world-class art and culture this is evident in various museums, and as an important artistic Center, Central Italy, attributed to it many artists in the world,  including the famous painter Pietro Vannucci, who decorated the beautiful collection of his murals lounge "Sala del Cambio".
The city is also famous for its also luxury restaurants until they became the perfect destination for food lovers in Italy, and of the most famous restaurants "Ristorante Mi'Cocco" which serves exquisite local products.


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