Recreation in Egypt

Enjoy the Sun in Red Sea Riviera resorts, luxury cruise, ship sailing on the Nile River. Surrendered to rest in resorts of the Spa. Stroll along the beaches and enjoy the stunning landscape of the slopes of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the habits of Bedouins, attended a gala dinner in the heart of the desert. Enjoy a game of golf just a few meters from the great pyramids of Giza. Recourse to the open spaces in the deserts of Egypt. Go for a day trip to a nearby National Park for recreation in rich natural environments and unique. Don't miss the experience of snorkeling in the warm waters of the Red Sea to see stunning coral reefs.
  In Egypt ... Comfort in every sense.
Recreational highlights:

1-Spa at port Ghalib-Marsa Alam:

Enjoy fresh meetings that remove all signs of stress and stress which disturb your holiday in Spa at port Ghalib - Marsa Alam. . With the Red Sea presence behind you unleash yourself and swim in one of the private meetings with perfume, treatment. Or enjoy a massage by professional masseuses who are using the finest oils and natural products. There is also sauna rooms and steam baths. If you are looking for something more specific, just relax in the Turkish bath where you can enjoy the best massage types tested by in your life.

2-Abu TIG

Upscale shopping center in El Gouna
Compared to the downtown area, the site of Abu TIG place for upscale shopping in El Gouna, houses many boats and yachts, offers a range of beautiful fashion shops, restaurants, cafes and bars that give a refined atmosphere on the site.In addition to the beautiful yachts and stunning sea trips available in the Marina of El Gouna, an Festival is held every Friday in front of the sea. The program usually includes live concerts, dance performances, food and beverages. Children also have their celebrations, children's clubs and stadiums scattered throughout the resort.

3-Bir sigam

 Treatment of hot spring-Western desert-bahariya Oasis
 enjoy snorkeling in the Bir sigam, hot spring which helps cure rheumatic disease. This fountain is located 7 km west of bahariya to Cairo, and full of visitors on the day and free them at night.

4-Bir Sitta hot springs

Western desert -farafra
Go down to the hot springs at Bir Sitta after Safari helps relieve back pain and arthritis after the camel ride. Hot bathroom features huge effects of sulfur, which is said it help heal muscles and joints. It is located 5 kilometres from the main city and easily accessible by car.

5-Cleopatra bath
Siwa Oasis
Bath of Cleopatra is the most famous attractions in Siwa, a stone bath is filled from the natural hot springs, and said that    the Egyptian Queen had   swam in it herself    during her visit to Siwa.  the fact that nothing better than swimming for recovery after a round on a hot summer day!
You will find cabin nearby where you can change your clothes and wear swimwear

6-Sharks Bay
Red Sea-Sharm el Sheikh
Sing the Sharm el-Sheikh's shark Bay known as scenic, as still reflects the spirit of the Sharm el-Sheikh prior to its transformation into a global tourist destination, this place gives visitors a chance to relax in a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable and enjoy the landscape to Tiran Island and Marina.
There are multiple stories about the origin of the name  of this Gulf, some say the sharks were already living in the Gulf until 12 years ago, while others speak that got confusion  on  some   tourists who thought fish almantas (demon of the sea) are of sharks, and thus  fired on the area named Bay sharks

, while others tell the story of that local fishermen used to unload the sharks that are  hunted  in this Gulf. Whatever the real story, there is certain:no sharks in Sharks Bay  today!

The tourism scene has evolved in this place and is no longer see the camel runs along the beach between the cafes and coastal installations but it has kept its authenticity, Sharm el-Sheikh is a paradise as it used to be, and are proud to have some of the best areas of snorkeling and diving . And diving centres are in place for all levels of divers, there is a wide range of water activities available for those who do not love snorkeling. You can also take advantage of   boating  early in the morning and skiing on waves ... All examples of simple options available.

7-Hard Rock Cafe
Sharm el-Sheikh
When in Sharm el Sheikh, make sure you go to the hard rock cafe Sharm  in Naama Bay, especially if you want  eating certain American  foods in an atmosphere of an American character.
Hard Rock Café provides a chance to eat, drink and dance. And purchase souvenirs inspired from rock stars, such as obtaining  the belongings from Beatles and Madonna stores .
If you are a fan of hard rock cafe you can be sure to find the same quality food and service and music similar to hard rock cafes throughout the world.
And so it's easy to identify the hard rock cafe and noticed the huge guitar on the front of the building, Naama Bay Café is a great place to be stop  at  and experience the foods.

8-Cruise on Lake Nasser for three days
 Nile Valley – Aswan
Just imagine yourself relaxing on a boat trip and sailing in the waters of Lake Nasser ,while watching the distant effects and is slowly turning into a wonderful Temple dominates the Hill, where the beautiful dunes and the sky and the Sun all things are wonderful additions in your journey.
During the first day,visit the Temple of Kalabsha, Beit Al Wali Temple and  kertassi temple. Sail to Wadi El-seboua near the Tropic of cancer.
Wad el-seboua Temple when you leave will be in mid-flight on the second day, and the next place are visiting, is the Temple of Dakka and Temple of the Holocaust which dates back to the Greek-Roman era.
But the journey does not end here, then sail to the temple of amada and the Temple of Alder and bnout cemetery.
On the third day, visit Abu Simbel in the morning to watch the sunrise on the magnificent facade of the temple, as well as visit also lets you watch  sound and light show. Remember that all Nile Cruises must be booked in advance. Go to the nearest tours office  now.

9-Charme live Hotel

El Alamein-Mediterranean
You'll fall in love with all the hotel  services provided  from (charme live hotel) of roominess, comfort, sunshine, surrounded by waves that change her blueness degrees according to depth ,and bright white for the endless sandy beaches, swimming pools, three outdoor and heated indoor pool. Not only must   see what is the possibility offered by the Spa Center in the hotel, which occupies an area of 1600 square meters.
. Where the Centre has facilities including 16 luxury cabins for facial and body care, 2 sauna, steam room and whirlpool, as well as a fitness room and a Studio. In this haven of the  atmosphere that filled comfort and tranquillity and prosperity you will be treated like Kings. The hotel offers you everything that takes you to a world of pleasure did you are testing ,from Dim lighting ,scented candles and beautiful music.

10-Sofitel Karnak -RESORT SPA

Luxor-Nile Valley
Imagine yourself as you swim in the luxury outdoor pool with warm water, and surrounded by a row of magnificent palm trees swaying to ease the fresh summer breeze ,this is just a simple idea about things you can do to make your vacation very fun at the Sofitel Karnak Luxor.  Among the amenities offered by the hotel : Royal luxury Spa, and plunge pool Jacuzzi to enjoy a massage of water swirls and bath  of sauna and gym for fitness. In addition to having a lot of professional supervisors and obtaining higher levels of training and are interested in your well-being, and naturally you will feel a significant shift in your level of fitness after spending a few minutes under their magical hands .


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