"Thessaloniki, Greece" .. fly to the world of dreams

-You are now in a tour of an ancient city dating back to the year 316 BC, has enormous tourist potential, fly you to the dreams world as you are one of its Great kings , takes you to the most beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels and the oldest museums to give you ultimate pleasure that you are looking for when you travel to Greece ..  It  "Thessaloniki" .
-Thessaloniki is the capital of Central Macedonia, the second largest city in Greece, situated on top of the Gulf of Thessaloniki a branching of the Thermaic Gulf  which is in turn the north-western part of the Aegean, rises from sea level to the foot of the Mount chortiatis similar to the Roman Theater strips. It is just 500 kilometers away from Athens, the capital of the country.
The city is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It's a thriving commercial city, the gateway for much of the Balkans, it is also an important center for transportation in southeastern Europe. And not only this, but it is famous for its festivals and events, cultural life, and perhaps that's what make it recently in ranked fifth  as the best city in the world by Lonely Planet.
More importantly, it is one of the few world cities still maintain the Roman ,Byzantine and Ottoman  monuments ,so that mostly has been included on the UNESCO's World Heritage list.
-You may now want to identify the notable tourist landmarks which attracted tourists worldwide , including the White Tower (lefkos Pyrgos) which is located on the waterfront of the city and is a symbol to it , was built in 1430 by the Ottomans  , 32 meters high, currently used as a center for display supplement to the Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki, is surrounded by a garden including a huge statue of Alexander of Macedon.
-For architecture lovers the Church of Saint Georgios is the perfect choice for a visit as the oldest and most building in Thessaloniki remained on its original form of large and  wide dome. Built in the third century AD. It has been around a mosque during the Ottoman period as the Suleiman Efendi when built next to it great minaret.
Greece is full of ancient museums and Thessaloniki has a lot  including "Archaeological Museum" which will give you the opportunity to see a lot of great artifacts of prehistoric Macedonian and Romanian . The Museum is not huge , you can roam in its corners easily.
Thessaloniki was the city of the Byzantine Empire in its great history. In "the Museum of Byzantine culture, you'll find a fantastic selection of sculptures and murals and mosaics, as well as a large collection of Orthodox religious icons from the 14th century to the 18th century. The Museum has won the prize of the European Council in 2005.
-The most central square in Thessaloniki is "Aristotelous square" which is a great place for coffee and get fantastic cruise, especially at night ,Thessaloniki is famous for lively and activity nightlife .
Central food markets are located in Thessaloniki, to the West of Aristotelous Square . At Kapani market you can see and tastings vital aspect of life in Thessaloniki, plus you will find plenty of shops that sell fresh produce and spices and cheap household items. Maybe if you visit the Modiano market will not feel this vital, most of the shops are closed at present , but it is always interesting place.
To see the magnificent murals, you can visit the Church of "Panaghia Acheiropoietos " and the Byzantine Church of (Aghia Sofia)  , which dates back to the 17th century. (Aghia Sofia) a milestone never miss , is famous for its large dome and wonderful mosaics.
-Although Thessaloniki may be archaeological city with a large number of archaeological sites, but also has a privileged locations near some of the wonderful beaches, which often guarantee you a good selection of water sports ,and don't worry, most of the beaches not far from the city and will not cost you only a short drive away, including the Angelochori, Aretsou, Galaxias, Perea Beach, Platania, and others.
The best time to visit Greece from March to may and September to November, to avoid the cold winter months and the summer heat ,and the weather is mild and few of the tourist crowds.
-The Thessaloniki subway has the ability to serve 250,000 passengers a day and connects the city with its suburbs and the airport, and has a good transport network covering all parts of the city, and there is great pressure especially in times of congestion.
There are also a direct flights from the city to most European capitals such as Bucharest, Moscow, Belgrade, Istanbul, Vienna and Athens besides domestic flights to most of the other Greek cities.


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