Top seven attractions in the world

Are you of those who make travel pretty hobby fraught with adventure and discover all the new and amazing? Are you trying to see all the sights that set records on more than one level to save the unique experience in your happy memories , and boasts with unique Pictures in front of your family and friends and lovers ? If you are as well, doubtless you from whom like to identify  the top attractions around the globe,  hoping to decamp to it  and allow  the five senses to learn more of its secrets and mysteries of ancient and modern history.
1. the tallest human building: Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Since it opened in the UAE city of Dubai still the tallest on the level of buildings all over the world. The Burj Khalifa has been granted the title of tallest building in the world a well-deserved because of its rise from ground level in Dubai about 2.615.5 Foot . Featuring top views balcony of the world, the top restaurant in the floor of 124 out of 160 floor filled with offices ,in addition to 900 private residential room with a luxury Armani hotel .
2. highest fountain: King Fahd's fountain in Saudi Arabia
In the coastal city of Jeddah, King Fahd fountain stands in resplendent tallness, to push  saline Red Sea waters high in the air to a height of 1,024 feet in a breathtaking  captivating scene ,confirms the greatness of the creator, and the creativity of the human mind. Fountain lit by 500 high lighting searchlight designed to withstand the continual fall of thousands of tons of water from hundreds of meters away. These searchlights installed on islands in a geometric way of its own.

3. Top Falls: Falls "Angel" in Venezuela
Angel Falls Venezuelan drops in swirling of water and fog at an altitude of 979 metres above the ground, higher than the height of Niagara Falls the famous 19 times. These waterfalls were not widely known in the worlds even flew over it the  U.S. pilot Jimmy Angel in 1933 while searching for gold to mining companies.

4. The highest Dam: Grand Dixence in Switzerland
On the edge of Lake "dix" Swiss and in ravine , Grande Dixence Dam rises to 935 ft in Valais ,a barrier over 400 million cubic meters of water ,and generating electric power enough for lighting 400,000 home.
5. The highest statue: a statue of the spring temple in China
The statue which has a height of 502 ft is located in the spring Temple in East China's Jiangsu Province. Travellers can see him standing above the throne of lotus flowers on the ring road 311 in all respects since fuller created in 2002. It should be noted that the cost of building a statue of spring amounted to more than US $ 38 million.
6. The highest Pyramid: "Khufu Pyramid" in Egypt
Still  "Khufu pyramid " upright on the outskirts of the city of Giza Egyptian after ten miles west of Cairo. The height of this pyramid was 480 feet above the surface of the Earth, but with the passage of time and the natural erosion that carved parts of it , to become the height of 454 feet above ground (equivalent to 146.5 metres), equivalent to a 45-story building now, This height makes it defies the building" Empire State" which has 30 floors only.

7. The tallest Tree: a tree" redwoods forest " in Britain
This tree was discovered in 2006 in a forest "redwoods " British , is the longest tree in the world with a height of 379.1 feet and 2,000 years old, indicating that it continues to grow even now.


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