El Gouna ,Red Sea Riviera

A myriad of interlinked islands, turquoise lakes, latest golf courses, luxurious beach resorts ,and a lot of water activities: it is El Gouna.
El Gouna is a rich landscape, includes upscale facilities for the whole family ,and offers plenty of services and activities to suit everyone. El Gouna is about 22 km from Hurghada and 470 kilometers from Cairo. This spot of the Red Sea Featuring its moderate climate in winter , temperatures range between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius.  In summer, temperatures range between 26 and 33 degrees Celsius, so the weather is dry.
The vacation at El Gouna Include best recreation and aquatic activities, besides the latest spas ,fancy restaurants, golf courses ,tennis , and Olympic swimming pools .all this makes El Gouna ideal destination for honeymoon in Red Sea Riviera and even more , it is a wonderful location for your wedding . imagine yourself together with your beloved in lush green gardens and net lakes before joining to your guests in a refined dinner in the open air in one of the most luxury places in the world.
Wandering in the street and watch the most luxurious yacht ,enjoy sitting on the balconies of restaurants or on board such vessels to enjoy a delicious dinner under the stars. If you want to take a cultural tour characterized by a spirit of adventure, head to the nearby desert and enjoy the net desert sky with a cup of tea from Bedouin hospitality.
This modern town full of resorts offer best options of accommodation and entertainment to participants in the collective programmes and promotional events ,so El Gouna hosted over the past few years meetings and events for major global companies, which provide the opportunity for participants to practice fun activities such as, golfing ,sailing yachts, diving and fishing in the sea.

-Highlights of El Gouna:

1-Abu Tig Marina-Global well-being :

" Abu Tig Marina"  is an unique stunning berth ,and a nautical input to El Gouna, it is not different  from the internationally known anchors.
The marina is owned and operated by Orascom international Group for Hotels and Development  , provides all the necessary amenities to anchored your yacht in comfortable way on Red Sea Riviera, and enjoy the stay in the land of the Pharaohs.
The resort is a home to many hotels, luxury restaurants, shops, golf courses, and various entertainment venues. From El Gouna, you can go on field trips to Luxor ,Aswan, and Cairo and discover more about the wonders of Egypt.
 Abu Tig Marina Includes 117 boat Marina , water, electricity, international phone, fax, Wi-Fi ,wireless Internet, laundries , 24-hour security, and a full range of facilities provided by the resort.

2-At dolphins house :

"Dolphin House" in El Gouna is aptly named. This site actually includes an enormous number of dolphins. If you're lucky, you'll get a chance to dive with dolphins or watch the unique coral reefs that filled the place too, as well as turtles and hard coral gardens.
Diving companies in El Gouna organizes diving trips daily in the site, which is only 45 minutes from the beach.Browse the list of certified diving centres in El Gouna through CDWS .

3-Water skiing in El Gouna :

The artificial lake system in El Gouna makes it one of the best destinations for water skiing in Egypt. Use one of the Lakes near the hotel "Sheraton Miramar " in water skiing and slalom , easy accessible via the dock ,near the lighthouse of El Gouna. Stunning lagoon specifically designed for water skiing: 850 meters long and 2.5 meters deep, there is a huge sandbank to prevent the sea waves from entering the lake ,is also protected from the wind by hotels which are located on the other side of it.
Not necessary to be a guest at the Sheraton Hotel to practice this sport in your vacation, but it's better to book your ride beforehand, because the place is usually crowded.

4-Golf in El Gouna :

Embraces the golf land in El Gouna the golf game throughout the year ,at the site of picturesque mountains and view of the sea ,which admire the practitioners of the sport. This land hosts the most important tournaments in the Red Sea, thanks to the 18-hole in it.
 The course was designed by the couple Gene and Fred Bates to suit all levels of golfers from beginners who are trying the experience for the first time to the professionals who are participate in the tournaments.
The ground is equipped with heights and depressions sandy , lakes ,and desert areas, carefully placed to form a challenge for players according to their level of play. It can accommodate about 30 golfers together in one of the sections of this land.
After a round of golf among beautiful lakes in El Gouna, relax in the Moevenpick resort and Angsana Spa ,where relaxing massages and a various facilities await for you .
Specifications the land of Golf: 18 holes, par 72, 6, and 856 yards .
Facilities: PGA golf Pro, golf academy, green areas, aquatic driving range, clubhouse, pro shop, dressing rooms, golf bags storage, golf carts, trolleys ,club ,and shoes rental .

5-Downtown shopping in El-Gouna :

El Gouna is a shopper's paradise for holidays, with its vital facilities in the downtown area, whether you're looking for souvenirs or religious or fashion, you'll find your request inevitably . El Gouna's downtown includes a variety of shops ,bazaars ,and amazing markets , as well as cafes, bars and restaurants where you can rest at the height of your tour.

6-Kayaking in El Gouna :

El Gouna protected waters make it an ideal place for Kayaking , the sea is calm and ideal for beginners and young kayakers . Why not racing in rowing with your friends or your kids? These sports are ideal in the times of the day, and you will have a fun and fitness. If you love sunbathing, you will enjoy the Sun ,even while kayaking across the crystal clear lakes in El Gouna. Be sure to wear a life jacket and sunglasses.
Many hotels available throughout the area provides kayaks, canoes, and other required equipment which can be leased . for more options for limited budget owners ,ask the local tour operators to help you choose the best options.

7-Diving in Abu Nuhas (Ships' Graveyard) :

Ships' Graveyard (Abu nuhas) is one hour boat ride away from El Gouna. Diving at this location is a great historically experience since the sinking  of at least five ships ,caused by these submerged reefs . Therefore it was named "the reef of Abu nuhas" , meaning " bad luck reef " , and since that time, sailors considered it as a nightmare area.
The divers can explore four ships sunk at this site : Giannis (cargo ship Greek Japanese -built , which sank in 1983), Carnatic  (a British ship for cargo and mail), The Chrisoula (Greek freighter, sank in 1981, and The Kimon (German freighter, sank in 1978).
The British ship Carnatic is the oldest sunken ships in the Red Sea. It hit a coral reef in 1869 on its way to India loaded with wine and gold and cotton. The ship Initially settled on the top of the reef but after 36 hours drowned and divided into two parts and sank in parallel with reefs to a depth of 24 metres.
Today, the wreck settles at a depth of 90 meters below the water ,and after rot the wooden floor of the ship , you will feel that you inside a giant whale skeleton dating back to prehistoric times. You can dive along the entire ship ,with sweepers fish, glassfish , nudibranchs ,and few batfish .

8-Parasailing in El Gouna :

Parasailing is an experience you cannot miss during your holiday at the Red Sea in any resort of El Gouna to enjoy a stunning and charming view , this sport is available in almost any resort in El Gouna.
To book a Parasailing trip, contact one of the various water sports companies available in El Gouna by your hotel, or by the ads scattered on the roads during a walking tour in the city centre.
After the take-off , the boat will pulls you above the stunning coral reefs : the water is pure and very clear in this area of the Red Sea, where you can see the fish that swim underwater and you are hanging in the air.

9-Upscale shopping center in El Gouna (Abu Tig ) :

Compared with the downtown area, the site of Abu Tig Marina is a place for upscale shopping in El Gouna, includes many boats ,yachts ,and offers a range of beautiful fashion shops, restaurants, cafes and bars that give an elegant atmosphere on the site.
In addition to the beautiful yachts and stunning sea trips available in the Marina of El Gouna, there is also a Festival every Friday in front of the sea. The program usually includes live concerts, dance performances, food and beverages. Children also have their celebrations in children's clubs and stadiums scattered throughout the resort.


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