Accommodation amid waves in floating hotel

If you do not travel to Sweden before, and want to enjoy a luxury accommodation at sea in floating hotel, the island of Kl├Ądesholmen near west coast of Sweden is the best destination where you will find your dream , where there is near its coasts a hotel dates back to five years.
This unique hotel was just an idea in the imagination of the two partners Susanna and Patrick who thought in a tourism project to attract the attention of the world to the west of Sweden, the idea back to 2004 and achieved during four years, in October 2008 opened the first floating hotel in Sweden called Salt & Sill, and from then it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists.
The floating hotel started its work with simple crew no more than ten people, and over the years that proved the success of the experiment and unexpectedly enthusiasm of the tourists , the hotel became more extensive and now consists of six cubed adjacent houses , together constitute a floating hotel on the floats, and beside it a seventh floating house dedicated to sauna.
Salt & Sill hotel has a 23 rooms distributed on two floors ,and all rooms overlooking directly the North Sea and each have a private entrance, and each room carries the name of one of the Scandinavian spice such as cowberry and other. The interior design of the rooms are simple to fit with the nature of the quiet sea, the hotel residents slept and wake up to the sound of the waves breaking on the body of  the floating hotel .
The hotel is designed in a manner inspired by the surrounding environment and help to enrich and preserve it ,starting from the exterior body of the hotel built of wood is not affected by water, and used in the paint some materials that help the growth of herbs and oyster breeding, and exploited the sea water to heating the atmosphere of the hotel from the inside without any damage or contamination of water.
The hotel includes five conference rooms and a fine dining restaurant serving delicious local dishes .The restaurant seats up to 175 tourists and 120 others outside it , and the hotel's restaurant features a warm Scandinavian spice, and various seafood dishes caught daily near the island.
Salt & Sill also offers its guests floating sauna unparalleled in the world ,where the tourist enters large room similar to the boat of fiberglass and has a powerful motor driving in water at a speed of 15 knots.
The floating hotel can be reached in more than one way , the first is by bus from Nils Ericson station to Myggenas ,and then another bus no. 355 until the station directly opposite the hotel is  Kladesholmen station ,can be reached by private car in less than 40 minutes from the city of Gothenburg.

Salt and Sill floating hotel, Sweden


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