Tubohotel in Mexico: accommodation inside the tube

Tubohotel is a strange funky hotel , located in one of the most famous tourist destinations in Mexico, specifically in the south of the Mexican capital Mexico City is about 45 minutes ,the area called Magic Village in Tepoztlan, this type of hotels is not a place for a luxury holiday , but it is unique and cheap place to stay and more suitable for young people, where only costs $40 a night, is ideal for young travelers or anyone who wants to travel with a reasonable budget, so it is closer to the concept of hostels to hotels.
This is a new strategy used by some companies in charge of the establishment of hotels around the world, T3arc company has been followed the same concept in building this hotel " Tubo "  to build it quickly and cheaply without sacrificing the stunning scenery of the surrounding area .
Tubohotel as is clear from its name made of huge concrete pipes with thermal properties to maintain the internal temperature constant, day and night, each tube is a separate room with everything needed the tourist , and ensure as much privacy, also equipped with a large bed, a desk ,glass windows for protect and curtains to ensure privacy,  in addition to Wi-Fi , fan and electric lamps, each three tubes was arranged together in a pyramid shape to make maximum use of the space, and the climb to the top tube through the ramps.
The surrounding area " Tepoztlan " also added beauty and fun to the hotel ,where towering mountains ,streams and swimming pools ,which encouraged operators to provide barbecues in the air every night, is a charming safe Mexican area ,where was the Red Indians in ancient times, now inhabited by a mixture of artists and talented in many areas.
It took three months to build the hotel and opened in 2010, the rooms have developed in certain angles so that all overlooking the wonderful mountain landscape with the dense trees of avocado ,guava, and peach that shading the hotel , is a very convenient if you are on vacation and not your priorities luxury or the names of the major hotels.
Hotel operators say that the hotel " Tubo"  has features not available in other similar hotels, the first is safety, because of its location described by experts as the safest place in the world, where Tepoztlan did not record a single crime over many years, the second is the environment-friendliness, where there is no gases emitted , but on the contrary, the rooms made of concrete absorbs heat and fire resistant .
Tubo Hotel in Tepoztlan, Mexico


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