La Boqueria Market ..... A combination of scents and vivid colors

In the Spanish city of Barcelona, not far from the Opera House ,located the famous market "La Boqueria" ,also known as The Mercat de Sant Josep , it has a large assortment of goods and commodities that appeal to shoppers with a taste and attractive colors, and therefore is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city.
The market is located in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, and its entrance in the La Rambla, not far from the Opera House in Barcelona. "Boqueria" is filled with bright colors and scents for a large selection of candy, vegetables, fruit, fish and fresh meat, besides the traditional costumes worn by some vendors, you will be surprised by a barrage of bright colors and overlapping sounds and flashing lights and people different in everything.

La Boqueria -Barcelona

La Boqueria Market on the contrary of the other markets in being a covered market,  for this you can hear the voices of vendors interlaced with an attractive ringing like you are inside a tunnel, also features an adjacent stalls in organizing and fabulous form ,and variety angles differ from each other, one for fruits ,other for sweets, and the third for fish and meat. It is not a market for shopping and purchases only, but also for fun and joy and exhilaration that confers you the attractive colors of sundry goods.

Boqueria is not the only market in Barcelona, there are other markets such as de Santa Caterina , d'Hostafrancs, del Ninot, and de Poblenou , but Boqueria is the oldest and the largest in Spain and one of the best seafood markets in Europe.
Was created in 1217, and after about two centuries the place saw a large gathering of vendors , and knew then as the Mercat Bornet, after that ,since 1497 knew this market as Mercat de la Palla or hay market , the market remained open without any formalize , even officially opened in 1840, the market building has been amended several times, and the final form of the Boqueria Market today dating to 1914, the roof of the market attracts visitors ,and the Market still an architectural masterpiece.

-Opening hours Monday to Saturday, from 8: 00 am to 8: 30 pm, don't delay in the visit, otherwise you'll find some sellers have closed places because their merchandise  has been exhausted . Could reach the market by the Barcelona Metro line 3, to Liceu station located under La Rambla, where several exits ,and you must make sure the proper exit of the Boqueria market .

-Jamming "Boqueria " with both locals and tourists, and what distinguishes the tourists, of course, it is the camera that holds permanently .Don't forget to take a souvenir from the market to reminds you this pleasant trip , visitors are advised to buy stamps and coins, and the selling of postage stamps and coins at the end of the week only. Close to the Boqueria market located several hotels including Hesperia Ramblas Hotel is an appropriate for the business, Internacional Cool Local Hotel ,and Silken Ramblas.


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