8 destinations recommended to visit before having children

The presence of children does not mean that you cannot travel , but of course, children need during travel and holidays to special care as well as additional luggage, car seats, ,strollers, diapers packs , snacks , necessary clothing and games , all this will brings you to wonder why we did not travel before having children? Here are eight destinations we recommend you to visit before having children .

-New Zealand:

The scenic wonders of nature in New Zealand makes it at the top of the list of travel before having children, particularly as they journey lasts 13 hours if you are coming from the West Coast, not to mention that those trips typically cost more than $ 1,000 per person.
Long journeys are tough on everyone, and will be more difficult of course on children ,and they will take a long time to adjust to new situations, in addition to this, New Zealand navigation between north and south is a must if you want to see every country, and it would be harder if you have children.
When you visit New Zealand make sure you will need to lots of time to see all the sites that can start in Auckland in the North Island and the direction north to visit the coolest beaches, sailing, hiking, or go to the south to enjoy the city of Wellington, while in the town of Oamaru, you can see blue penguins are returning to their nests in the early evening.

-Disney World :

Do you think that Disney World is just for kids? reality confirms that going to Disney as an adult is experience completely different compared if you a kid or with children, there you will feel that you need to get enough freedom to get more adventurous and fun, which it has not been achieved in the presence of children ,where they can push you to go back to the hotel early for siestas or to get dinner, and this would hinder you get food at a luxury restaurant in Disney .
It is recommended to visit Disney World in September and October, although temperatures will be slightly lower, but Disney World is usually uncrowded with school visits at that time, as you will enjoy certain privileges at this time of the year such as get extra hours and free parking at Disney parks.

-Paris :

You should get a tour of the beautiful city of Paris starting from taking a boat tour to enjoy the sunset down the Seine River and then a visit to the Eiffel Tower and many famous museums which will not be able to see it in full together with the children.

-U.s. route 66 :

There are lots of spectacular scenery on the road in the United States, especially along Route 1 in California and Blue Ridge Parkway, but why not go back to the original and traveling along Route 66, this road will ensure you get out from the traditional in a framework of romance, and  this is not available in the presence of children ,trying to calm down them along the way, and trying to keep them in the car.

There are a lots along the way, from the Grand Canyon to the Arch of St. Louis, the center point is the city of Adrian, either Texas is home to the best cafes and famous pancakes.

-Napa Valley, USA:

Napa Valley is a great destination ,one of the best romantic destinations for couples, but it is not the best place for kids, if you want to enjoy more you should visit the Oxbow public market during the day, then have the dinner at Thomas Keller's Bistro in Pucon.
You can bike to explore Napa Valley, or use your feet to walk around downtown, and explore the city of St. Helena and the beautiful scenic of vineyards .

-Macau, China:

Generally flights to destinations that include casinos undesirable for kids, in Macau ,the former Portuguese colony to 1999 gambling is legal , which will affect negatively on families and households, therefore ,advised not to escort the children to enjoy the visit of fisherman's village ,the Macau Tower ,temples and churches of this beautiful city.

Lisbon Hotel is one of the best hotels in Macau, with a room price of $ 120 per night, which is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the city with many restaurants and great rooms receive visitors most welcome.

-Angkor Wat, Cambodia:

Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, northern Cambodia, one of the most sacred temples in the world so it has the utmost respect, and therefore the presence of children in this place is disagreeable, spreads this temple which contains a lot of monuments dating back to the 19th century over more than 494, 000 acres. If you want to give yourself three days to see the finest architecture and art, must visit this place.

-Transatlantic cruise:

Cruises usually comes on top of family list when traveling, but trip across the Atlantic is different, since they are usually for more than a few weeks, several days and nights at sea of adventure and fun, and the presence of children usually would hinder that especially the children get bored quickly.


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