Times Square.....

In New York, the city that was built to be a unique model for commerce, entertainment, amusement, and dreams that know no borders, at the intersection of Broadway, Seventh Avenue ,at 42nd Street in particular ,where "Times Square" is located to witness the passage of nearly 400,000 people daily on its bustling land according to reports issued by the municipality of New York, some of them crosses this walkway on their way to work, some of them working there already, and some of them come for tourism, watch the greatness of urban and commercial that seem "New York. "

Times Square 

The Square was renamed "Times Square" after name "Longacre Square" on eight April 1904 by order of the mayor of New York then "George McClellan" , about three weeks after the movement of The New York Times headquarters to there, is the most popular daily newspaper in the world unchallenged, and its building still number one in this square overcrowded with galleries and bystander.
This vibrant region is characterized by quick civil American rhythm ,enormous skyscrapers ,and embraces most major centers of restaurants and stores of famous brands such as the famous restaurant "McDonald's " ,chocolate building "M & M " , "Ruby Foo's restaurant" for Chinese foods, Inc. "Bubba Gump"  for seafood, the famous games gallery and the leading kids store for all toys "Toys R Us" , "Times Square Studio " where recording the famous daily program of " Good Morning America, " Tower American Bank " , and many other institutions ,publishing houses, media companies, and the vital commercial and entertainment buildings where are lit in a different models of sizes and shapes in a colored neon signage and digital advertising which gives ambition ,dreams and cheerful .
Broadway-Times Square 

Times Square is one of the most important tourist areas in the world, especially since it hosts the new year's celebrations which attended by hundreds of thousands each year and riddled with guests who defy the frost of winter in late December to watch the most important live performances, as a show drop the New Year's ball crystalline atop Flagstaff's building Gazette during the last minute of the year  ,and the interesting comedy plays and influential concerts of Broadway Street along with the fun concerts of pop stars ,or to exploit the season of offer goods for sale in this street at discount prices for the holidays including tickets to theaters that are sold at half the price.

Tourists can stay at one of the hotels which gained more fame from its presence in this area , such as: "New York Marriott Marcus" , "Double Tree Ghost Suite " ,"W Times Square" , "Sheraton New York" and "Crowne Plaza Times Square" , as the road is not without public transport buses and taxis that make transport is not worth worrying .  It should be noted that ,in February 2011 ,"Times Square" turning into an area where smoking is prohibited in public places where non-roofed with a fined of 50 dollars who arrested on charges of smoking a cigarette for breaking the law of the region.


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