Discover the fun of frozen lakes

Many tourists around the world waiting the winter to practice their favorite tourist activities ,which are available only in this season, most notably is catching fish on the ice also known as the ice-fishing ,where the tourists exploit the Lakes full of fish which turned to ice ,making it easy to walk on it like a solid ground, there is nothing for them tastier than fishing on frozen lakes and then grill on a special stoves.

Of the most famous places of practice the ice-fishing is the Canadian province of Saskatchewan ,where the giant fish ,crystal pure water ,floating ice , fresh air and magnificent scenery. In late December of each year up the winter peak in the province of Saskatchewan central Canada,  which up its boundaries even to the borders of the United States of America, and the temperature reaches to 40 degrees below zero, then the lakes turning into thick icy layers floating ,and under it the Lake water which is a fertile environment for the proliferation of many types of fish only appear at this time of the year, such as salmon, trout and other fish, then the region preparing to receive many tourists interested in winter tourism activities.

Saskatchewan is characterized by its numerous lakes up to 100,000 Lake, all of which turn into ice and cars can easily walk on it, the most famous of these lakes is "Last Mountain Lake" , so the tourists go with their vehicles and special own equipment such as plastic huts, electric or kerosene heaters, manual or automatic driller for the hole in the ice to fishing easily through it ,is known also as the Fishing Hole ,a laser to determine the thickness of the ice, along with special camera to photograph the fish under the ice and most famously Aqua-Vu camera ,and sonar to determine the presence of fish in the region or not, gas pipes for hot drinks and broiled the fish after caught, besides special clothes and shoes ,of course .

The first thing to be done before walking on ice is measuring the thickness by laser, if it was a four-inch-thick ,we should return and wait several days until the ice accumulates more to increase the thickness ,can not  walk on it safely if less than five inches thick. After choosing the right place to dig a hole by manual driller, pegs are installed to establish a small hut for each tourist, in each of it there is a fireplace to provide a warm place during hunting .The hook is placed through the fishing hole with a camera screen to move everything that goes down the ice ,and before the end of the day gathers everything that has been fished for grill with gas.


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